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What we can think about is the period from birth to death. What it was like before birth and after death may not be worth thinking before that moment comes. Then, is there any happiness that can surpass birth and death?

Happiness is something both familiar and strange to us. It is so familiar that we do not even think more about it in our daily lives. We all live for happiness, so we do not need to think about it. It is also strange to us because we know little about happiness, and we have so much suffering that we cannot be the real masters of happiness. What exactly is happiness, and where is it?

I do not think that one can survive without happiness. But different persons have different interpretations and quest for happiness. So it is necessary for us to learn these differences, and to find out where our happiness comes. Only by doing so, can we seek for it in the right direction.

Sometimes, we gain happiness by lightening afflictions; sometimes we feel happy from possession. But we could not own every tangible materials, while the intangible space leaves us the utmost room to give full play.

Sometimes, we feel happy because of dedication. Among all kinds of pursuit, what can make us feel gratified is dedication. We have been bathed in our parents' love since we were born. Such selfless dedication influences and moistens everyone of us, and exists in our hereditary gene. For the continuity of lives, we display such dedication one generation after another. We feel gratified when having compassion for those whom we see seeking help. There are many such warm-hearted people around us, and so many times we are touched by the selfless- dedicated good deeds. In fact, our lives lie in the hard work of others, who enjoy themselves and live in the happiness for the happiness of others. Some of us appreciate this and repay by their own words and deeds.

We all can experience such happiness in our life experiences. But there is one thing, in front of which none of us can be happy. That is death. Within our limited knowledge, as we want happiness, we deliberately ignore and avoid death because it is too horrifying or too far away. But at the present, we may think about that, if we die in the next moment, what are we going to choose? Will we still work busily for our bodies? Will we still want to own more and more? Therefore, all kinds of happiness mentioned here will be an illusion if we are not clear about the issue of birth and death.

What we can think about is the period from birth to death. What it was like before birth and after death may not be worth thinking before that moment comes. Then, is there any happiness that can surpass birth and death?

Two thousand years ago, there was an Indian Prince, who, when he saw birth, old age, illness and death of people, was thinking about the same question: birth and death. In order to seek for a solution of freeing people from such an ocean of misery, he gave up wealth and honor, quitted his home and became a monk. After hard practice, he finally acquired the happiness liberated from birth and death, and became the awakened one with full compassion and wisdom: the Buddha.

In the Buddha's enlightenment, he truly realized that, the nature of birth and death, suffering and joy, is pain. Happiness is just the temporary cease of suffering, and it is impermanent.

We feel painful if we cannot get material things we seek for. Once we get them, we will be afraid of losing them and worry about that, which is also painful. Likewise fame and wealth and so on. Even if we can offer all we have for the sake of other's happiness, but in face of death, what we can do for him. He will face the unpredictable future all by himself, and we can do nothing about it. At some point of our life, we will be the one as well.

There is a reason of being alive and there is a place to go after death. The point is that we are all dragged by something in the endless ocean of mortality. This is the cause of suffering: self attachment. This self attachment is the root of all worries. Therefore, if we want to gain the real happiness, we should solve all from inside. The Buddha has already created the noble path for us: Improving ourselves by the Eightfold Noble Path, we can stop the source of suffering and gain the happiness free from samsara. That is, we enjoy ourselves beyond birth and death.

Let go the inner attachment and gain our own happiness. But our lives are interconnected. In Buddhism, we call this Karma. Karma is true. Our lives have been connected in the ocean of mortality, and therefore we wouldn’t only enjoy our own happiness but hope that all can be liberated from the misery ocean. To help all beings with a selfless heart, the Bodhisattvas are busy for all beings' happiness. This is the awakened state of the Buddha. Happiness lies in all beings.

The jewels that exist inside ourselves, like a gift packed by many layers, can only be found after peeling the outside packing layers. Then we can find that happiness exists inside.

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