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Whether we live a happy life or a life of pain depends on ourselves. In order to live a happy life, we need to find happiness from our innermost being.

All sentient beings instinctively want to alleviate suffering and gain happiness. Even a mosquito will risk its life to suck the blood of human beings in order to breed and feed its offspring. Human beings, without exception, also want to stay away from trouble and pain and enjoy happiness.

In this case, we need to recognize what causes pain and produces happiness so that more happiness is possible.

By pain and happiness usually we mean feelings about external environments and things, which make us happy sometimes but can also cause pain after a while. Some people, easily affected by life and events, may get into a rage just because of a bad word, while others with a generous heart may feel happy in response because a harsh or mean comment will help them to be more merciful and tolerant.

So happiness and pain come from the heart, a more decisive factor. This is the normal mentality of people. Many examples exemplify the human mentality. A person on an operating table feels pain if he is well enough but operated on by a doctor; however, he is grateful if he is seriously ill and can be cured only by an operation. In other words, these different feelings don’t result from the external causes, such as the surgeon’s scalpel but from our hearts.

Whether we live a happy life or a life of pain depends on ourselves. In order to live a happy life, we need to find happiness from our innermost being. A powerful person of good mentality can live happily even when suffering from cancer, because he knows that happiness and cancer are entirely two different matters, and that a bitter pill couldn’t necessarily lead to a heart full of pain.

InYou Can Heal Your Life the famous American psychologist, Louis Hay, talked about his sad fate of having a cancer. But by psychological improvement, he lived happily, and finally cured his cancer. He also helped many people build up their confidence in life. This shows we can avoid pain and be happy as long as we improve our heart in a good way.  

The point in improving our heart is to recognize our own condition. When we find that we are unhappy, just change the mental state. If the heart is not powerful enough to dispel the gloom, then leave the bad situation and deal with it only after we have calmed down. Confronted with any challenge, we need to accept the matter calmly. Meanwhile, we need to recognize that external things change all the time. Neither our childhood, with pleasure of eating sugarcoated haws nor pains of being beaten, impressed deep in the heart,, need be evoked in memory now. There is no such thing as endless happiness nor endless pains. All of these feelings from the past are just bygones, the passing of which we should have the courage to accept. In brief, when something painful happens, observe it, face it, accept it calmly, deal with it as well as possible, and then freely and easily leave thinking about it.

In the process of psychological improvement, the key is to know that our present state and active mind are temporary. On this basis, the power to rid oneself of pain will increase gradually, and the pain likewise will decrease little by little. In time, happiness wins the day.

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