A news brief on the Education Department’s Worshipping Buddha’s Sacred Tooth Relic

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Buddhist disciples from Longquan Monastery worshipped Buddha’s tooth relic and prayed for blessings and protection for all living beings.

 On June 9th, volunteers from the Education Department and the English team of Translation Center at Longquan Monastery, who were led by Venerable Xianqing, Venerable Xianda and Venerable Xiantong, gathered at Lingguang Monastery to pay homage to Buddha’s sacred tooth relic with utmost piety and joy.

 At around 7 am, volunteers were arriving at Lingguang Monastery. They signed in, queued up, put on uniform robes, and received a visiting ticket and a flower for worship.

 At 7:20 am, Venerable Xianqing, Venerable Xianda, and Venerable Xiantong turned up. Despite the drizzle, Venerable Xianqing gave a marvelous Dharma talk to start, which focused on three points -- nature of life, our original true self and the glory of our life, and finally, practice through encounters with various circumstances. The venerable encouraged the volunteers to follow the example of Buddha and find the Bodhicitta within themselves. At home, we would give love and warmth to our families. At the monastery, we would persist in learning Buddhism and learning to understand our minds. Only in this way, can we benefit the world, as the Buddha did, even after we depart this life.

Next, volunteers began chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha, while waiting in line to enter the stupa to worship the sacred Buddha tooth relic. At the same time, the surrounding supporting volunteers took care of their bags.

As the visiting volunteers filed into the stupa, led by Venerables and volunteers from Lingguang Monastery, everyone paid utmost homage to the Buddha’s sacred tooth and felt its blessings. Then, led by supporting volunteers, the visitors went to the old pagoda. There they chanted theSix-character Great Bright Mantra while touring around the pagoda for three times. After that, they headed toward the Monastery of Great Compassion where everyone would receive an oil lamp and line up for lamp offering.

At 9:30 am, the three Venerables led the group to start the lamp offering. First, Venerable Xianda led everyone to do the preliminary visualization and chant the offering verse. Then everyone lighted up their lamps and offered their lamps of heart under the pure and solemn statue of the Bodhisattva Guan Yin, wishing for their inner wisdom to become as brilliant as the light.

After the ritual, people assembled at the steps below the grant altar and had a group photo taken. The volunteers surrounded three masters like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. All were filled with joy.

At noon, people picnicked in the assigned area, sitting on mats prepared by supporting volunteers. Relaxed and happy, all shared delicious food with each other and enjoyed friendly conversations.

After lunch, volunteers from the English team exchanged their views under the guidance of Venerable Xianqing; volunteers from the Education Department watched the 3D movieThe Legend of Buddha’s Sacred Tooth Relic -- the story of this relic was well documented and still benefits all living beings today.
After the movie, volunteers had a group discussion of their feelings. Everyone shared their thrill and Dharma joy and appreciated the Venerables’ and volunteers’ hard work behind the scene as well as the protection of their achievements by the heavens.

Finally, Venerable Xiantong and Venerable Xianda gave a concluding Dharma talk. Venerable Xiantong said that the Buddhist relic is very precious and rare, and that it has been protected by Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heavenly guardians, and patriarchs at the expense of their lives. His words were very encouraging and transmitted to us an authentic belief in the virtues of the Buddha. Blessed by the Venerable’s profound belief and aspiration, the event was very successful. All experienced the truth of the Buddha’s teachings, and all were filled with Dharma joy. 

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