Ven. Master Xuecheng’s Microblog in Burmese offically opened

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On May 13th, the ninth multilingual exchange meeting of Beijing Longquan Temple and the opening of Master Xuecheng’s microblog in Burmese were held in Longquan Temple.

Translation of Religion is a Bridge    

On May 13th, the ninth multilingual exchange meeting of Beijing Longquan Temple and the opening of Master Xuecheng’s microblog in Burmese were held in Longquan Temple.

On May 13th, one day before the opening of “One Belt and One Road” international cooperation peak BBS, the ninth multilingual exchange meeting of Beijing Longquan Temple and the opening of Master Xuecheng’s microblog in Burmese were held in Longquan Temple.

More than 200 people attended this activity, including professor Bai Chun, from School of Asian and African Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University, associate professor Xian Manxue, Dean of Southeast Asia Departmentand Director of the Vietnamese Teaching and Research Office, in Peking University,  associate professor Yang Guoying, head of Burmese Teaching and Research Office of Peking University, associate professor Nie Bing, Dean of English Language Department of School of Foreign Languages at University of International Business and Economics, Li Jun, the steering committee member of university teaching department in the Ministry of Education and professor of School of Foreign Languages at Capital Normal University, Xia Lu, associate professor from Department of Vietnamese in Peking University , Jeeranan Sangsrijan, a teacher from Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University of Thailand, and also lots of students and volunteers from all circles of society.

Master Xuecheng, President of Buddhist Association of China and Abbot of Beijing Longquan Temple, devotes himself to the cultural exchange and dialogue between countries and ethnics and keeps exploring creative platforms to better promote traditional Chinese culture to the whole world and increase its international influence. He said “the translation of religion is decently noble. Translation is a bridge for all times and countries, including the communication between the mortal’s world and the saint’s world, which is very sacred and difficult to put into practice."

Master Wuguang, Longquan Monastery Manager, party secretary and Chair of Longquan Monastery Translation Center, Master Xianqing, head of Ministry of Education and director of Longquan Monastery Translation Center, and Master Xianren attended the event, who pressed the start button together. By the moment with the screen of “promote Bodhi heart, turn on wisdom light”, Master Xuecheng’s microblog of the 16th foreign language – Burmese was being officially opened.

Master Xianqing said, "Today's event is an exploration that Longquan Monastery Translation Center makes for achieving Master Xuecheng's two transformation plans – building a connection between traditional Buddhism and modern scientific and technological civilization, and disseminating Buddhism internationally. This is a beneficial exploration for us to build consensus and promote the Buddhist culture abroad. Also, it is a process of self-improvement. Professor Xian Manxue said, “based on the "One Belt One Road" strategy advocated by our state, we need to achieve a people-to–people bond between countries. There is no doubt that the verbal communication is a vital bridge. Therefore, I want to express my great admiration for Longuan’s great effort on Buddha Darma based on a globalizational view.  Longquan Monastery Translation Center’s exploration and innovation in multilingual translation allow more and more people from various countries, religions and nationalities begin to experience and feel the wisdom of Buddha Darma. ” Professor Yang Guoying said, “Even though the translation on Buddhist classic is a very difficult and rarely touched area in the language teaching of universities, Longquan Temple offers a creative mode of transmission and a brand new way to disseminate Buddha Darma in the process of multilingual translation, external exchange and dissemination of Buddhist culture, which lets Longquan Temple walk at the forefront of religious circles.”

During the ceremony, participants watched a short documentary film about Master Xuecheng's visit to Myanmar. Burmese and Thai volunteers shared their experiences in translating Master Xuecheng’s microblog. Thai and Vietnamese teams respectively introduced the both historical and present situation of their teams.The ninth language studying group (Vietnamese) of translation center announced its opening. In the end, volunteer translators joined the chorus of《译师赞》and recite excerpts from Stories of Ven. Master Xuecheng in Chinese and Vietnamese.

In the afternoon, an exchange activity around translation with the theme of “translation garden - exchanges about Thai and Vietnamese translation practice” was divided into three parallel sessions. Those who was invited to this activity included experts in Thai and Vietnamese translation, scholars and volunteer translators from translation center. They exchanged their experiences of the translation between China-Vietnam and China-Thailand Buddhist culture during working on Master Xuecheng's microblogs and Buddhist classic. Meanwhile some experts gave lectures with the theme of “Translation quality training and cross-cultural treatment”

At the closing ceremony, guests and participants expressed their feelings of joy and emotion. Master Wuguang made a summary about this event: “while “One Belt One Road” international cooperation peak BBS is being held in Beijing, Master Xuecheng’s microblog in Burmese is opened, which is the 16th language for master’s microblogs. Today’s event is not only a language exchange one on a surface level, but also a heart-to-heart communication at a deeper inner level. With the help of plurilingual language signs and new media means from palm age, we have begun to disseminate Chinese excellent traditional culture with a long history and especially the Chinese Buddhist culture around the whole world, in order to share cultural resources. President Xi’s advocacy- “you are among us, we are among you” and “countries support with one another”. Through our efforts, people from all over the world learn Buddha Darma, reflect on their life, share the wisdom of Chinese culture. As a result, they can deeply feel the close relationship between people who live in the same earth village, share the same fate, and realize the bond of inner peace.

"One Belt One Road" initiative carries the glory and dream of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. On April 6th, 2017, at the invitation of President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China, President of the Federal Republic of Myanmar, Htin Kyaw, visited China. On April 9th, President of Buddhist Association of China, Master Xuecheng, led a Buddhist delegation to make a friendly visit to Myanmar. On April 11th of Master Xuecheng’s visit to Myanmar, the official registration of Master Xuecheng’s microblog in Burmese coincided with the 12th anniversary of the official restoration of religious activities in Longquan Temple. By now, Master’s multilingual microblogs have been supported by 15 languages. Master Xuecheng has practiced much exploration on Buddhist culture exchange through diversified forms, which has contributed to establish a bridge among countries along the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. “Micro blog, great arising”. The continuous openings of Master’s microblogs of different languages showed Longquan Monastery’s effort to put active participation into our nation’s strategic initiative of "One Belt One Road".

In 2011, the opening of Master Xuecheng’s multilingual microblog started an important exploration and innovation of the "going abroad" strategy of Chinese Buddhist culture. With multilingual translation for microblogs as a starting point, Beijing Longquan Temple founded a translation center. After years of development, the center has gathered hundreds of volunteer translators from dozens of countries and regions. Now the translations among Chinese and more than twenty languages can be achieved. The monastery has gradually opened microblogs in 16 languages, and provided multilingual translations of all kinds of Master Xuecheng’s books, WeChat question-and-answer, and the Voice of Longquan website. Beijing Longquan Temple is a member of Translators Association of China, the book“The Monk žMicroblog - Beijing Longquan Monastery 365 days "has been identified by the World Record Association as "the microblog book that contains the most kinds of languages”. As an important practitioner of Buddhist translation and the concept of international Buddhism dissemination, Longquan MonasteryTranslation Center has accumulated significant experience for the exploration of Chinese Buddhism on a global basis.

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