LQ Monastery held interpreting skill training course

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LQ Monastery held interpreting skill training course

On August 5th and 6th, LQ Monastery held an interpreting skill training course that attracted around 100 participants.




Professor Zhong Weihe, former president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, gave a lecture on “the art and coping tactics of interpreting”, in which general introduction to interpreting, memory training, note-taking and coping tactics in interpreting were introduced. Professor Zhong owned rich experience in interpreting, he had accompanied different heads of state, attended various international conferences, and was considered as “number one interpreter in Guangdong”. 



During the two-day training, instructor Zhang Liang taught students interpreting skills of both English-Chinese and Chinese-English. He shared fundamental note-taking methods and did interactive exercise with students.His humorous language and professional teaching model has won applause from students. Mr. Zhang’s also shared his interpreting experience that touched and inspired many students. Zhang Liang was Master of China Foreign Affairs University, he now works as freelance simultaneous interpreter and teacher ofinterpreting. He served as simultaneous interpreter in hundreds of conferences as well as in Great Hall of the People.




Master Xianqing and Master Xian’en also attended the training. Master Xianqing said Buddhism interpreting and translating are in great needs nowadays, he encouraged all participants to work hard on them, so that Han Buddhism and Dharma wisdom could be spread all around the world.Master Xianqing also taught students how to practise Chan while walking at the beginning of the course. 


The training course was organised by Translation Center of LQ Monastery. Further online training will be provided after the two-day face-to-face course.


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