Putian Buddhist community praying for the successful application to hold the Fifth World Buddhist Forum

Time:2017-07-21 14:14:29
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Putian Buddhist community praying for the successful application to hold the Fifth World Buddhist Forum.

On July 9th, more than one thousand Dharma Masters and disciples from various areas of Putian gatheredat a famous thousand year old site, the pure and stately Guanghua Monastery, jointly praying for the successful application by Putian cityto hold the Fifth World Buddhist Forum.

Ven. Master Kongxing, President of the Buddhist Association of Putian, expressed welcome to the leaders, Masters and disciples on behalf of the association. The Ven. Master wished that the application to hold the forum would provide an opportunity to further improve the temple management, enhance ethical development among the Buddhist community, promote exchange and mutual learning between the Buddhist community in Putian city and those in other provinces and cities as well as the world at large, spread the excellent values of Buddhism, and leave another historic milestone in promoting the peace and development of mankind. After that, Masters and disciples jointly chanted The Universal Door Of The Bodhisattva Who Listen To The Sounds Of All The World/ The Kuan-shih-yin pu-sa pu-men-pin to pray for the application to hold the forum. After the dharma assembly, the attendees wrote their wishes and expectations on the signature board for Praying for the Successful Application to hold the Fifth World Buddhist Forum.

The World Buddhist Forum, initiated in 2005 by Buddhist groups in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is an equal, open and diverse platform for high level dialogue, exchange and cooperation among Buddhists from all over the world and those who love the world, care for life, support Buddhism and have a kind and compassionate heart. This great global Buddhist event, successfully held four times,once every three years,has become a cultural feast for Buddhists all over the world.The forum has contributed great wisdom and hope to the holistic development of global Buddhism, as well as to the peace and harmony of mankind.

From this year,the Putian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Governmenthave put all their efforts into the bid for “the Fifth World Buddhist Forum”. Putian has a great many distinctive advantages. First, Putian is known for its beautiful environment, good moral order and deep cultural background, and it is one of the first batch of provincial historical and cultural cities and national garden cities. Second, Putian City is capable of hosting large international forums. In recent years, Putian has successfully held some large-scale events, such as the China Europe City Development Forum,the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championship, and the World Mazu Cultural Forum,all of which have earned the city a great reputation. Third, Putian has a long Buddhist history and deep Buddhist cultural background. There are many famous Buddhist temples, such as the ancient Nanshan Guanghua Monastery, South Shaolin Temple where Nanquan originated, Meifeng Guangxiao Temple alsoknown as Meilin land ofthe Buddha, Nangshan Cishou Temple, and Xianyou Longhua Temple.From ancient times onwards, there have emerged a number of eminent monks of great virtue, who have effected the development of Chinese Buddhism, such as Chan Master Wuliao, Chan Master Zhengjue, Chan Master Benji, Ven. Master Yuanzhuo and Ven. Master Xuecheng. Sects originating in Putian have  spread abroad to tens of countries and regions. Additionally, the male department of the Fujian Buddhist Academy is set up inside Guanghua Monastery in Putian. For more than 30 years since its establishment, the Academy has cultivated a great number of excellent monks, so it has abundant Buddhist talent resources. The Buddhist Books Center of Guanghua Monastery has made great efforts for the propagation of Buddha Dharma.

Two thousand years ago, the Buddha taught us to perfect ourselves for the benefit of others and to release all sentient beings from suffering. Today, Buddhism has surpassed national borders and been transmitted to both the eastern and western countries, and the brightness of Buddha Dharma has become more and more magnificent. Following the general trend of globalization, our Buddhist community should dedicate ourselves to the continuing prosperity of Buddhism and the peace and harmony of mankind. Now,is the time for Putian Municipal Government to put all their efforts into the bid for “the Fifth World Buddhist Forum”.We sincerely pray that the application to hold “the Fifth World Buddhist Forum”will go smoothly and be a complete success.

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