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150 venerable Buddhist masters and academic scholars from China, Canada, and the US gathered in Toronto for the 1st China-Canada-US Buddhist forum. Many achievements were accomplished by exchanging ideas, expressing concerns, and building consensus.

On 17th and 18th of June 2017, 150 venerable Buddhist masters and academic scholars from China, Canada, and the US gathered in Toronto for the 1st China-Canada-US Buddhist forum. In two days, we focused on the theme of “Perfecting the Middle Way & Enduring Peace” and discussed extensively on the topics of “The faith in Bodhisattva and humanistic life”, “The Spirit of Bodhisattva and world peace”, and “Buddhist culture and dialogue among civilizations”. We have accomplished many achievements by exchanging ideas, expressing concerns, and building consensus.

The name of this city “Toronto” is from a Huron word meaning “meeting place”. This colorful world is composed of multiple civilizations, multiple cultures and multiple religions. People with various colors, various nationalities, and various faiths combine and make a community with a shared future. As the world multipolarization, economic globalization, social informatization and cultural diversification are speeding up, the meeting and communication of the eastern and western world will become more and more frequently and deeply. Buddhism, as a representative of eastern civilizations, can be traced back to the great enlightenment of the Buddha. It is rooted in the pure Buddha nature of all sentient beings. Buddhism flourished in the eastern world and was transmitted to the western world. Now it is a magnificent religion that delivers wisdom to the entire world.

We have this remarkable and outstanding chance to gather here because we admire/worship the same Buddha, learn the same teachings, and share the same origin and religious lineage. In the past, the pioneers endure great hardships in initiating the propagation of Buddhism in the western world. At the present, we inherit the propagating career that was started by our predecessors. Let’s work together with the same purpose to compose a new epic in propagating Buddhism. All I wish is that the light of wisdom shine the sentient beings and the right dharmas light up the world.

We vow that we will propagate Buddhist spirit of perfection, illustrate the four immeasurables of the buddhas and bodhisattvas. We will inherit the diligent spirit and fears no hardship in propagating Buddhism. We aim to integrate Buddhism with western culture and make the world more rich and colorful. We will propagate the Buddhist spirit of equality and tolerance. We will promote the dialogue between Buddhism and other traditions. We encourage the various cultures, religions and races to seek common points while reserving difference, to be open and tolerant, to learn from each other. We hope to enhance the understanding and respect between different civilizations. We wish to take an active role in building the community with a shared future.

We vow that we will propagate the Buddhist spirit of middle-way, promoting the modern interpretations of Buddhist doctrines. We aim to enhance the integration and communication between Buddhism and modern scientific culture, to respond to the problems of modern society from the perspective of Buddhism. We will promote the communication and collaboration among China, Canada and the US in the areas such as public charities, environmental protection, culture and art. We encourage the dependence and collaboration among civilizations. We will make efforts in resolving conflicts and making enduring world peace.

We are calling on the Buddhists in China, Canada and the US to maintain the perfecting wisdom of middle-way, to inherit the great vows of our eminent predecessors, to gather the upward strength of seeking for goodness, to propagate the spirit of four immeasurables, to encourage the various civilizations to communicate and learn from each other, to promote the equal collaboration of different countries in this world, to make efforts for the permanent world peace.

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