The true way to cure the disease of "inner hollowness"

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Each and every one of us should make great aspirations so that we can find our own values in life. Then, how do we make aspiration? We should learn, from those who have great aspirations and volition.

Q: Master, I was quite outgoing as a little kid, yet as time goes by, I've become introverted and shy. I would reject any in-depth communication with others, for I think I am unreliable and untrustworthy. I feel like a walking skeleton, not knowing who I am. What should I do to restore normal human feelings to others? 

A: Make aspirations and actively get involved in team work – devote your time, physical and mental efforts to the team and others. Only in this way, can your individual karma get integrated with the collective karma, and you will no longer feel isolated and marginalized. 

Q: Greetings Master! This secular world is contaminated; within the same framework of secular customs people live, though everyone thinks and behaves differently from others. We are very prone to be drowned in the overwhelming torrents of secular customs and lose ourselves, which causes me anxiety. But I never let my inner voice be heard, because I do not want to be looked on as an unsociable freak. Master, what should I do? 

A: Being a freak in others' eyes is not that terrible. It tests your confidence and inner strength. If you are strong enough, you will be recognized as an extraordinary being with great value, instead of a freak. In fact, a person with full confidence in his choice is not anxious about others' opinion. You refuse to agree with others and feel inadequate to move others to agree with you. This is the reason for your confusion and inner conflict. 

Q: Greetings Master! There is something which has kept me perplexed for a long time. Once there is no mechanism of reward and punishment, I feel no motivation to do things. On the other hand, I feel tired of doing something for the sake of reward or for fear of punishment. Master, what is on earth the purpose of our doing things, big or trivial? I'd appreciate your instruction. 

A: External mechanism of reward and punishment works well in the case of children because they can derive happiness and a sense of fulfillment directly from the reward. As for mature adults, we should set up goals and aspirations so that we are not passively driven by external mechanism of reward and punishment. It is a pity that many adults are not mature in this aspect. What we aspire determines our spiritual level. Recent years see a prevalent disease of "inner hollowness". For lack of aspiration, people live on immediate and short-term stimulation; if life goes on like this for long, their disease of inner hollowness and confusion would become more severe. Each and every one of us should make great aspirations so that we can find our own values in life. Then, how do we make aspiration? We should learn, from those who have great aspirations and volition. For example, Steven Jobs once said, he lived to change the world. He was talking about an aspiration. Here is another instance. Some ordinary people around take along their own dish-wares at meal because this practice reduces waste and is more environment-friendly; some devote their time, efforts or money to charities, which contributes to a warmer society. Aspirations, big or small, motivate us forward. 

Q: Greetings Master! Where did the Buddha go after nirvana? 

A: Where does the signal go after the mobile powers off? Actually, the signal is always there, and becomes manifest via a phone. Likewise, the Dharma body of the Buddha pervades the space; it does not grow or diminish, neither comes nor goes. When conditions of delivering sentient are ripen, it manifests itself. When the conditions go apart, the Buddha enters nirvana. 

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