The essence of Buddha Dharma is about the mind

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A wonderful external condition is good for sure, but it will not work well without the conjunction of some internal factor.

Q: I went to the office and did some extra work last night, yet I felt somewhat unhappy. If I had not gone to work, I would be blamed for not giving a helping hand; on the other hand, when I go to work, someone always finds faults with what I do.

A: You feel unhappy no matter whether you go to help or not, because you work passively, being afraid of others’ negative opinions. Why not engage in work actively? If you believe what you do is valuable for your team, for the industry, for society, and for yourself, and it’s what you should do and you want to do, you’ll find that, in fact, your work is fun and meaningful. 

Q: Most humble greetings to you Master! I am quite clumsy in handling different situations and appear submissive and cowardly. How do I overcome this weakness? I'd appreciate your instruction. 

A: Diligently cultivate your virtues and wisdom. In this way, you’ll accumulate blessings and achieve some spiritual growth. Only growth helps you overcome the barriers ahead. Do remember that spiritual growth is always the primary concern in practice. 

Q: Master, can I reverse the force of seriously evil karma by doing some good deeds? 

A: Virtuous karma does not offset non-virtuous karma automatically. Only virtuous deeds based on earnest repentance, which is the proper way of eliminating evil karma, can reduce karmic obstruction. 

Q: Most humble greetings Master! I've noticed a sale of Great Compassion Mantra cups and Medicine Buddha Mantra cups at The ad says that drinking water from the cup can cure diseases. Is it true? Does it depend on one's aspiration? Several years ago I once bought a Great Compassion Mantra cup and used it several times; then I put it away for fear that drinking water from it might be disrespectful to the Three Jewels. I don't know how to treat this matter. You said we should not wear statues of the Buddha, which  are to be enshrined and worshiped.  So can we wear mantras? Amitabha! Master, please show mercy and instruct me. My inner strength is at a fairly low level. 

A: The essence of Buddha Dharma is not about external things, but about the mind. A wonderful external condition is good for sure, but it will not work well without the conjunction of some internal factor. Worse, handling the cup or mantra in a negligent or disrespectful way will create bad karma. Many people, when pursuing good fortune and trying to avoid disasters, always resort to external things.  Either their viewpoint is inadequate or they lack inner strength. Think about this: how do we strengthen a weak body? Eat more, exercise more and work more. In this way, the body will become stronger.  So, how do we strengthen a weak mind? To escape harsh realities is futile; If we spend more time learning and contemplating Buddha Dharma, face up to the world around us and take on more responsibilities, the mind will gradually become stronger. 

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