Braking free from self-attachment

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Without attachment, we will feel extremely relaxed and light-hearted.

Q: Master, recently I feel bored with whatever I do, not knowing what I love to do or what I am able to do. I know this state of mind is not healthy, but I just can’t get over it. Life is so boring. Am I in depression?

A: Actually, intelligent and thinking people are more likely, compared with other people, to encounter inner void and nameless gloominess, because they feel their ultimate inner need unsatisfied; they are perplexed by questions such as where they come from, where they’ll go, and what is the meaning of life, etc.This is actually a need in terms of faith. Only when we have a faith that transcends the reality world, can we obtain the most profound motivation of life.You can approach more people and different lifestyles. For example, you can participate in charity activities to help people in need, or make friends with those who have a religious faith to observe their state of life. Then, apply what you’ve learned to your own life, and contemplate on your experiences and feelings.

Q: Is selfishness a kind of self-attachment?

A: Self-attachment is an attachment to a “solid self”, which is the origin of all afflictions. Selfishness refers to a variety of self-centered behavioral characteristics, which derive from self–attachment; it is displayed especially when one seeks personal interest at the expense of others’ diverging interest. To overcome selfishness is relatively easy, yet to break free from “self-attachment” is very difficult, which requires an insight into empty nature of all phenomena.  

Q: Master, I’ve been working in my current unit for over three years. For my outspoken speech, I never get any promotion.Yet, for lack of courage, I always bear with it. Now I am fed up with it and don’t want to endure it any more. What should I do? How to deal with a bunch of snobs? Please give me some instruction.

A: In a team, the most welcome member is one who is competent and good-tempered, and whose actions speak louder than words, while the most unwelcome person is one who is incompetent and hot-tempered, and whose actions fail his words. If you find faults with everybody around you, you are the one who should do self-examination and self-reflection. To improve yourself is far better than to blame others.

Q: Master, is it true that a person who has broken free from self-attachment does not dread loneliness or need others’ company and can live alone happily?

A: If one has no attachment, he lives free from impediment in mind – fear, deluded thoughts, and distorted dream-thinking; ultimately, he breaks free from cycle of life and death. Having attachment eradicated feels like having heavy luggage lift off the shoulder of a long-distance traveler, who was almost crushed by the burden before and with his skin split and flesh torn. Without attachment, we will feel extremely relaxed and light-hearted.

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