The Best Way to Pray for Blessings

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The best way to pray for blessings is to have virtuous thoughts, speech and actions.

Q: The new year is coming. What kind of attitude should we adopt to face and embrace it? Look forward to your instructions. Happy New Year! 

A: Guide your life with great vows, live your life with gratitude, deal with your work with diligence, and treat all beings with compassion. 

Q: Hello, Master! How to make a wish? 

A: In Buddhism, we encourage making a vow instead of making a wish. A wish is "something I want", and we ask buddhas and bodhisattvas to help us fulfill it. Yet, a vow is "the kind of person I want to be". Most people come to monasteries to pray to the Buddha for blessings, but what Buddhism truly teaches us is how to set higher and ultimate goals to transcend our life continuously. 

Q: Master, I want to pray for blessings for my friend, but I don't know how to do it. Please favor me with your instructions. 

A: The best way to pray for blessings is to have virtuous thoughts, speech and actions. 

Q: Does it count if I made a wish when I was offering incense and bowing to the Buddha? Do I need to redeem it if it was not fulfilled? If I made a wish this year, can I redeem it in the next year? 

A: Buddhas and bodhisattvas cannot give us happiness. They only point out the path leading to happiness, but we have to make efforts on our own. 

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