How to face the atmosphere from life?

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Seeking outward cannot lead you to true inner happiness, and happiness is not contingent on external circumstances.

Q: Master, what things are really vital to life itself?

A: Things that can't be changed by death.

Q:Humble greetings Master! My favourite collection was broken by my mom who got mad for no apparent reason. Though I contained my rageat that moment, I can't let go of the loss. What should I do, Master?

A:Regard the matter as a blessing which is bestowed by Bodhisattvas and meant to help you let go of your attachment.

Q:Master,I have some confusion. I feel anxious whenever I see people my age around do well both in relationship and in career, because, in sharp contrast, I have almost nothing at all despite hard work. Have I not made enough efforts? I encourage myself every day to work hard, but I do feel lost and low. What should I do?

A: Anxiety is brought about by your comparing yourself with others. You focus on what you lack and what others possess; then you become blind to what you have, and to what others worry about. As a result, you become cocooned by feelings like a failure, imperfect and lonely. Seduced by the mirage about a happy life, you’re desperately seeking after others’ life, which is probably a prison they want to break.

Seeking outward cannot lead you to true inner happiness, and happiness is not contingent on external circumstances for there are a great many people who do well in relationship and in career yet live in depression. People’s anxiety stems from a simplistic value system and a narrow world view; they are thus confined by some concepts, unable to see the real way out leading towards freedom.

Try to approach people in different states of life. Many, who seemingly don’t have the ‘necessary conditions to be happy’, live a confident and happy life. What is their philosophy of life? Remove the leaf screening your eyes first, and you will have a broad view and see more future possibilities.

Q: What is Buddha Dharma?

A:Buddha Dharma is the cognitive pattern and the way of thinking of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

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