What is Buddha Dharma?

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Buddha Dharma is the cognitive pattern and the way of thinking of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Q: What is Buddha Dharma?

A: Buddha Dharma is the cognitive pattern and the way of thinking of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Q: Master, I’ve been working in my current unit for over three years. For my outspoken speech, I never get any promotion. Yet, for lack of courage, I always bear with it. Now I am fed up with it and don’t want to endure it any more. What should I do? How to deal with a bunch of snobs? Please give me some instruction.

A: In a team, the most welcome member is one who is competent and good-tempered, and whose actions speak louder than words, while the most unwelcome person is one who is incompetent and hot-tempered, and whose actions fail his words. If you find faults with everybody around you, you are the one who should do self-examination and self-reflection. To improve yourself is far better than to blame others.

Q: Is selfishness a kind of self-attachment?

A: Self-attachment is an attachment to a “solid self”, which is the origin of all afflictions. Selfishness refers to a variety of self-centered behavioral characteristics, which derive from self–attachment; it is displayed especially when one seeks personal interest at the expense of others’ diverging interest. To overcome selfishness is relatively easy, yet to break free from “self-attachment” is very difficult, which requires an insight into empty nature of all phenomena.     

Q: Master, is it true that a person who has broken free from self-attachment does not dread loneliness or need others’ company and can live alone happily?

A: If one has no attachment, he lives free from impediment in mind – fear, deluded thoughts, and distorted dream-thinking; ultimately, he breaks free from cycle of life and death. Having attachment eradicated feels like having heavy luggage lift off the shoulder of a long-distance traveler, who was almost crushed by the burden before and with his skin split and flesh torn. Without attachment, we will feel extremely relaxed and light-hearted. 

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