Faith about the Great Dharma in this Earthly World

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Faith is beliefs we can look up to. Be firm in the faith that there is great Dharma in this earthly world. Revere it, and look up to it. Do not be confined by one’s own limited wisdom and experience and doubt everything.

Q: May I ask Master how to face fear?

A: Fear is the product of lacking knowledge, reasoning, and faith. That’s why we should keep learning, have faith and hold right view.

Q: Master, life is so suffering, what should I do? Who could save me? How come no one likes me? Am I that bad

A: If your joy and sorrow are based on what comes from the external world, you will have more suffering than joy; essentially it is pure suffering without joy at all. To get rid of this suffering, the best way is to let go of the mindset of seeking inputs from external world, and turn the life aspiration back to the growth of one’s heart. That is the correct way to transcend suffering and obtain happiness.

Q: Master, what kind of life is the best? I want a clear goal in my mind and work hard towards it. Many thanks to Master in advance. 

A: The most fulfilling and happy life is the one with goals, confidence and letting faith lead your action.

Q: Master, the principles you say seem understandable, but it is so hard to put them into action. For example, you encourage us to help others. So I did my best to help others. But when I needed their help, they all disappeared, leaving me feel very helpless. People should help each other to have a better life. But for those who do not reciprocate, should we stay away from them, or still give them selfless help? How to understand “Stay close to people of good conduct, and stay away from petty people”? Could you please enlighten me? Thank you so much! 

A: When we just start on this Dharma road, it is very necessary to have support and encouragement from friends and an environment where we could build confidence to practice Dharma and benefaction. This way we can cultivate the right understanding slowly and make it strong day by day; we also strengthen the power of our heart, so that we could be fearless and peaceful in front of frustration. That is why we cannot practice Dharma without Dharma friends. Without them, it is hard to understand and practice Dharma.

Q: Master, I always feel lonely and helpless, and I can hardly connect with people around me. I like to stay close to people who are wise and who can motivate others. But I found that I am surrounded by two faced people, who say nice things about you to your face, but tell others nasty things about you when you are not around. I don’t like such kind of people, so I refuse to talk to them again. But such environment makes me feel isolated. Master, what should I do?

A: It’s you who reject others, and as a result you feel being rejected. Looking for and fixating on others’ shortcomings and faults with a self-righteous attitude ---- this only shows your own arrogant mind: Attributing problems to others but never reflect on yourself. You should learn to observe others’ merit, and constantly think about how you can improve yourself. 


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