Is letting go a passive attitude?(II)

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If you learn and grow from the incident, the adversity will turn into a blessing for you.​

Q: Bow to Ven. Master Xuecheng. How did the all-mighty gem fall into the secular world? And why didn’t it seek self purification upon arrival? 

A: Sentient beings are like gold ore, bestowed with the nature of pure gold yet wrapped around by impurities. Only through dedicated and diligent practice can the impurities be removed and can the brilliant and pure nature be revealed. That we are born with Buddha-nature does not mean we’ve automatically attained Buddhahood. Can you understand it?

Q:Worship to Master! I am not quite sure what virtuous teachers specifically refer to. Do they include Buddhist scriptures and treatises by patriarchs?

A: Virtuous teachers are those who can guide us on the path of Buddhist practice. Many people think that they can learn Buddhism simply by studying the scriptures on their own. Buddhist learning is by no means that easy. Let me give you an example to illustrate. A pupil studies a textbook by listening to a teacher’s instruction; another studies the same textbook on his or her own. Do you think they learn equally well?

Q: Master, I am a hot-tempered person and often have intensive bouts of anger over trivial matters that I know shouldn’t matter. What should I do?

A: People fail to subdue afflictions for lack of inner strength. So to work hard on Buddhist learning and fill our mind with positive energy is badly in need. It does not work if you think of Buddha’s teachings only when you are already deep in afflictions. The greed, anger and ignorance that we suffer from cannot be easily cured by any quick fix; it is through daily learning and practice that our inner strength grows. 

Q: Greetings Master. Lately I lost two thousand Yuan in an internet scam. I cried a lot, feeling dizzy. Master, please can you help me out of such a predicament?

A: It hurts to be deceived. Yet your bitterness will bring more suffering if you don’t cut it off. Examine your thoughts and actions and learn from your own mistakes. Furthermore, since you know how much it hurts to be deceived, make a promise that you will never do it to others. If you learn and grow from the incident, the adversity will turn into a blessing for you.

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