Don’t be a slave to materialism

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Many people chasing the happiness ends in the slave of external circumstance, making self ultimately a hostage (or prisoner) of beings, matters, and materials. The so-called putting something down is to break the chains mentioned above, and to become the masters of ourselves.

Q: Master, How to sincerely concentrate on mind and body when chanting Buddha and Sutra? 

A: Do it progressively. Belief,sincerity and concentration needs practices. We need to set up the good way of hearing and thinking, upholding perceptions,practicing concentration, establishing right views gradually,removing afflictions incrementally, and cultivate good habits one by one, which will lead to success naturally. Solutions to many problems lie in the process rather than the result.

Q: Ven. Master, we often said that we should vow for goodness, then, when to vow? Is it when we pray to Bodhisattva, or whenever we have the mindfulness of thoughts?

A: Practicing and cultivation is using certain appropriate ways to convert occasional and unstable “kindness” to a sustained, substantial, and profound compassion, aspiration, wisdom, and power.

Q: Best wishes to you, Ven. Maste! I feel that life is hard for everyone now days. It seems that people suffer from endless affliction. Even though I wanted to be a simple person but circumstances did not permit. The society is just like a high-speed machine, in which no one could be exceptional. So Ven. Master, where is our way in this era? 

A: Buddha Dharma can help people reduce and release their excessive irritation, adjust body-mind balance, reflect over life direction, and find good fortune and happiness, which is the refreshing recipe to the sick modern society.

It is the era of collective and reciprocal karma of all living beings, and the mutual connection and influence among all beings becomes more and more tight and direct. In order to reduce and purify such heavily defiled karma that are mutually engaged, stronger power from purified karma is demanded.   

Immersing selves into a pure and harmonious group can not only protect ourselves and help our unity but also help more others, eventually driving the progress of the entire society. Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have alliances. Many have already been on the way. As long as you truly have the desire (to practice virtue), your wish will come true.

Q: Ven. Master, InHeart Sutra, it is said that everything is in emptiness, so we should not cling to anything.I understand it but I am not able to do it. For example, I can’t give up my desire for an item, a lover, or a business. Even I reluctantly abandoned those, what is the difference between the “non-attachment” and “incompetency” accordingly? Ven. Master, would you please guide me. 

A: Non-attachment doesn’t equate to give-up. It is a stronger power untied by external circumstance but based on taking something up. Many people chasing the happiness end in the slave of external circumstance, making self ultimately a hostage (or prisoner) of beings, matters, and materials, and losing the mastery of selves. The so-called non-attachment means shaking off the yoke and becoming the master of ourselves. Grievance would leave you away  once you gained enlightened wisdom, through which you would have the capability to achieve non-attachment.

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