The wisdom of common life

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Getting to know and controlling one’s heart are lessons spiritual practitioners should learn.

Q: Master, what is the meaning of human beings living in the world?

A: It is indeed confusing if human beings live their lives only once, since things would eventually disappear, no matter how beautiful they are, and every human being would eventually die, no matter what successes they have achieved. However, mankind lives more than once, and the current life is just a phase within our infinite life circles. Whether our lives would rise or fall, would walk toward brightness or darkness, what matters most is the current life. Pursuing the mystery of life, exploring the path away from all sufferings, this is the meaning of our life.

Q: Master, how to control one’s own emotions?

A: Getting to know and controlling one’s heart are lessons spiritual practitioners should learn. Controlling one’s emotion is an interim consequence, which naturally requires cause. Its cause includes listening to, thinking of and repetitively practicing Buddha Dharma until one learns how to use it to change emotions and moods in different contexts. By then, when facing people and things, instead of letting naturally occurring emotional responses lead you, you would know how to observe and handle the emotions with Buddha Dharma.

Q: Master, how can I not be bothered if I am wronged by others?

A: When you are wronged, observe your heart and you will see that it is full of “me”. My talent is ignored, my deeds are misunderstood, my giving was not repaid, etc.…… The more you make “me” fade away, the less you will feel wronged. The best measure of spiritual practice is whether one can let go of the wronged feeling.

Q: Master, many fake beggars take advantage of our sympathy to make more money than those they get money from. How should we deal with those fake beggars?

A: Fake beggars could not interfere with your true giving. As long as your giving heart was sincere and unregretful, that would make a good deed. If you cannot do this, it is also fine to wish that you could give them Buddha Dharma in the future when you walk past them. Or if you think the society is lack of trust and too obsessed with material, it works just as well if you devote your time, energy and money to trust-worthy groups to make a change.

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