A fault confessed is half redressed (III)

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If we want to prevail over others, the right way is to make your every lifetime better than the previous one.

Q: Hello, Master! I want to quit smoking, but the more I try, the more I end up smoking. I have even asked a monk to do a Buddhist ritual to help me but without success. One of my fellow practitioners once said to me, “ Why is that you know it makes the most sense to quit yet couldn’t put it to action? Maybe this discrepancy happens because you don’t really want to quit.” Master, I just thought of an idea today. What if I continue to smoke, but use my constant craving for smoking to contemplate on the person who is smoking? Do you think that will work?

A:Without sufficient mental power, you should quit smoking in action first. There is no need to ponder on quitting all the time, but instead focus your attention on other things, such as getting yourself to do good deeds with others. When you are alone, think about the harms smoking could do. 

Q: Master, it is easy to find my problems but hard to change myself. How can I change? I feel like nothing I do is good enough.

A: After thousands of cuts and hackings, a piece of wood will become a statue of Buddha. To change ourselves, we also need to practice through various challenges.

Q: Master, how can I eliminate my arrogance?

A: Actually, arrogance is a kind of prejudice in the mind. We only see our strong points and keep strengthening this impression; furthermore, we credit all achievements to ourselves and blame others for all problems. As a matter of fact, it is not true. Even if we make great achievements, they are formed by many causes and conditions. Our effort is only one of them. So we should pay more attention to others’ effort and contribution.

Q: I often feel arrogant, regarding myself as very outstanding and looking down upon others. Additionally, I often use various tactics to attract other people’s attention in order to show off and feed my vanity. Moreover, I even think I am greater than Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. How terrible I am! Recently, I am annoyed by these terrible habits and bad deeds. Could you please tell me how to overcome these bad habits? Thank you very much, Master!

A: Arrogance now is the karmic cause of humbleness in the future. If you want to prevail over others, the right way is to make your every lifetime better than the previous one.

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