A fault confessed is half redressed (II)

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Whatever situation you are in, think of it as an opportunity to learn new things.​

Q: Master, I make myself chant mantras and read books every day. However, once I sit down, my mind is filled with all the mistakes I have made, making it impossible for me to concentrate, letting alone chanting mantras or reading books. What should I do?

A:Constant worry and fear are not helpful. What is worthwhile is to think about how to make up for the mistakes and improve oneself. Try to focus on positive thoughts. 

Q: Master, may I have your advice on how to face, accept and correct mistakes I have made, as well as on how to relieve the feelings of guilt and restlessness? Bowing to Master!

A: You should be aware of and acknowledge your mistakes, and meanwhile allow yourself time and space to correct them.

Q: Bowing to Master! I am ignorant and lost. Although I constantly practice introspection for my faults and flaws in adversity, I don’t have the power to address those issue to improve myself, ending up feeling frustrated and inferior. I am at a loss for what to do to break out of this.

A: Whatever situation you are in, think of it as an opportunity to learn new things.

Q: Master, I have many bad habits, which have affected my work and study. I have tried to drop them, but kept relapsing into my old ways without actual changes. Where should I start to change myself?

A: Ven. Master Hongyi stated in his speech titled Experiment on Mending My Ways:“ Firstly, learning. We must read Buddhist and Confucius books as many as possible to learn differences between good and evil, and methods of correcting evil doings and revert to good deeds. Secondly, introspection. After acquiring the knowledge, we need to constantly examine every word and deed of ourselves to see whether it is good or evil. If it falls into evil category, we should correct it immediately. Thirdly, correction. After finding out our wrong doings or thoughts from introspection, we should take it into action to rectify it.”

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