A fault confessed is half redressed (I)

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If one can change after making a mistake, there is nothing better.

Q: Master, what should I do if I did something wrong?

A: It is only human to err. If one can change after making a mistake, there is nothing better. Bear these in mind when you strive to become a sincere and kind person.

Q: Master, I constantly brood over the mistakes I have made and cannot get over them. What should I do to move forward?

A: Nothing will change if you simply immerse yourself in fear, self-accusation and regret. Instead, you could be positive, hold a firm belief in the Three Jewels, and do good deeds.

Q: I have realized my fault and have been making efforts to correct and make up for it. But I just can’t get rid of the sense of guilt. I think about it constantly and feel the deep pain it brings.

A: Use the sense of guilt as a motivation to better yourself rather than as an obstacle to hurt yourself for another time.

Q: Master, I examine my mind often and feel regret every time for treating others improperly, misconducting myself, slacking off at work or school work, etc. These kinds of small faults often make me unhappy. What should I do?

A: The purpose of self-examination is to improve ourselves, rather than simply negating ourselves. It is important to build up a positive attitude before examining ourselves to avoid being overwhelmed by negative emotions like regret.

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