Each family has troubles (II)

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The purpose of learning Buddhist teachings is to correct oneself, not to correct others.

Q: Master, my younger brother suffers from a terminal disease, being tortured by pains every day. Except for taking good care of him while still looking for other medical treatments, my family can do nothing to relieve his pain. Master, how can we ease the pain in our hearts?

A: In the pain of illness, we should develop great compassion for the people who suffer from the same. In the pain of illness, we should feel the love from our family and be grateful to them. In the pain of illness, we should think about the impermanence and sufferings inherent in life and cherish everything we have. All good thoughts are the best medicine for the pain of illness, so try to help your brother develop good thoughts in order to keep a peaceful mind. This can not only relieve him from the pain but also benefit his afterlives.

Q: Amitabha Buddha! Hello, Master! My younger brother has been suffering from ANFH for over one year. He didn’t get better at all after seeing many different doctors. I don’t know what I can do now. Please give me some advice!

A: It is necessary to keep seeing doctors. Meanwhile, you can do good deeds to accumulate virtues for him, pray for him piously, chant sutras and dedicate the virtues to him.

Q: Master, in case a family member dies or becomes seriously ill, I tend to feel extremely sad and depressed, even lose the courage to live, what should I do to change it? Please give me advice.

A: Our love to the family can make us fragile, but can make us strong as well. Mere pain does no good to anyone. We should make vows to bear family’s pains, even that of all sentient beings. Thus you can really help your family members.

Q: Good morning, Master! Both my wife and I have taken refuge in Buddhism. But in daily life, she is very bossy and often criticizes our son and me, so we often quarrel. Our relationship has become frayed. Master, what should I do? Bow to Master!

A: The purpose of learning Buddhist teachings is to correct oneself, not to correct others. Admittedly, her attitude is not right. But if you treat her in the same way, you are wrong as well. Additionally, it will definitely make your relationship worse and harm each other. It won’t hurt to take this as an opportunity to cultivate your endurance and correct your mistakes. Therefore, you will be able to influence her with your actions.

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