Destiny is to be created by oneself (II)

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Master Xuecheng: [Dharma Talk at Jianxing Hall] A Master and his disciples climbed stairs together. The Master turned around and said to the disciples, “only when you walk up one more step, can I tell you the next step.”

Q: Venerable Master, What exactly is destiny? Sometimes I don’t believe it as I think where there is a will, there is a way. Yet having experienced much in life, I suddenly feel that maybe one’s destiny is truly pre-determined. If this is the case, how do we face our destiny?

A: Thoughts determine one’s actions, and actions determine one’s destiny. Without changing our inner thoughts and outer behaviors, we won’t be able to change our destiny. Conversely, we will.

Q: Venerable Master, what is your take on Tui bei tu as well as the Mayan prophecy regarding 2012?

A: Buddhism holds the view that we are in control of our own fate. Whatever circumstances we face, we should live an active life and build a prosperous future for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Q: Venerable Master, I’ve only read Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons, from which I learn that one is to abstain from evil and to engage in kindness. I know I am a beginner at a very low level. But will you advise the next step? Many thanks!

A: It is important to know, but more importantly to practice accordingly.

Q: Master, I have a strong faith in the law of cause and effect and Buddha’s teachings. Will my steadfast and genuine aspiration shift the pendulum of cause and effect in a favourable direction?

A: Aspiration alone is not sufficient. Concrete deeds are essential as well.

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