How to better help others (I)

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Master Xuecheng: We should be against our tendency to lecture to others.

Q: Master, what’s the difference between lecturing to others and offering kind words? Please give me some advice.

A: The difference lies in our intention.

Q: Master, when should one speak candidly, and when should one say kind words?

A: Why not speak candidly in a kind manner? The key lies in your motivation.

Q: Letting the other person degenerate by connivance is not different from murdering him for his money. May I ask you how I can have the courage and responsibility (to prevent such things from happening), Master?

A: Courage and sense of responsibility are by no means built upon afflictions. Only when one has subdued afflictions, can he or she truly benefit others.

Q: Master, I know I should be generous and forgiving, but I am unable to do this to someone who is very close to me. I’ve been helping him through some difficulties, yet it turns out that he is deceiving me all the time. Also, he lies to our parents, claiming my spouse and I are well off but we choose to leave him in misery. My spouse and I are troubled by this. Master, should we continue to forgive and help him?

A: Forgiving others is indeed setting ourselves free.

Q: Greetings Venerable Master! Since all things in the world are dominated by the law of karma, Buddhists should exhort people not to commit wrongdoings. What more can we do to help those who are bearing the bitter fruit of their past evil deeds?  

A: There are no evil people in this world but those who need help. Bodhisattvas help and practice more diligently when they see sentient beings suffering. We should do as they do.

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