The wisdom in inter-personal relationships (I)

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Be clear about your motivation and direction.

Q: Master, if we don’t protect ourselves, aren’t we simply allowing others to hurt us?

A: The more you care, the more you get hurt. Those who are free of self-attachment can never be hurt by others.

Q: Master, what I consider right is deemed wrong by others. In this case, should I insist on my opinion? What should I do? Please advise.

A: Be clear about your motivation and direction.

Q: Master, how do I adapt to living in a group as quickly as possible?

A: Be open-minded.

Q: Venerable Master, how do I become a magnanimous person?

A: Open your mind and aim high. Try to put yourself in others’ shoes and dedicate your life to the well-being of others.

Q: Master, we are taught to see the good in others, however when dealing with colleagues and friends, I often see their shortcomings and feel aversion. How do I solve this problem?

A: Discipline ourselves as we would discipline others; tolerate others as we would tolerate ourselves.

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