Lives of beings which are inferior to humans are equally precious (II)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Ven. Master Xuecheng     Time:2015-12-12 07:57:52
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Never take the lives of beings that are inferior to humans lightly. They have bones and flesh just like we do.

Q: In my opinion, freeing captive animals only causes more cases of animal capture and harm.
A: Everything in this universe has its opponent. For instance, good and evil coexist as a pair. Freeing captive animals creates good karma, whereas catching and killing animals creates evil karma. The vast majority of freed animals regain life. If it were not for this chance of freedom, 100% of captive animals would be slaughtered. To deny the merit of freeing captive animals merely because of the death of just a few of them is like giving up eating for fear of being choked and does not make any sense.

Q: Greetings Venerable Master! Amitabha! Do you chant the “living being protection mantra” when drinking water? I learnt about this mantra from a book which says: “In Buddha’s discerning eyes, even a bowl of water contains eighty-four thousand tiny worms. If the mantra is not chanted, drinking water is virtually the same as eating the flesh of living beings…”
A: Yes. From dawn to dusk, when walking, residing, sitting or lying down, and in every thought, Buddhists are constantly practicing compassion.

Q: Venerable Master, I freed some captive animals alone yesterday. The process was quite simple as I recited some basic rituals available on my cellphone without chanting any mantras. Will this still work?
A: Freeing captive animals is not only an action but also a state of mind. What matters is your intention.

Q: Greetings Venerable Master! With the New Year approaching, many lives are slaughtered and served on the dining table. I want to do something to stop this but what am I capable of doing?
A:  Your aspiration determines what you are capable of.

Q: Master, I saw a vendor selling turtles by the roadside yesterday. The turtles were quite big and there were nine left at the time. I took all nine of them and freed them in the Zhujiang river. However, today I was told that this type of turtle cannot survive in the river and should only be released in the mountains. So I have been worrying about them all day. Master, where should we free turtles in future? Your advice will be appreciated!
A: First, figure out whether they are land or water turtles. Then it will be possible to truly help them.

Q: Master, eating is an inborn ability to help sustain life. Food from plants and animals is heaven-given. If we refuse to use them for food, where does their value lie? 
A: Never take the lives of beings that are inferior to humans lightly. They have bones and flesh just like we do.



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