A person's integrity naturally manifests itself (IV)

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Do right things and try not to let your mood get in the way.

Q: Master, how do we strike a balance between enduring what we are supposed to endure and claiming what we deserve? Is it that neither is important? Should we just do our best and accept whatever comes our way?

A: Do right things and try not to let your mood get in the way.

Q: Venerable Master, for having done something very ordinary, I’m exposed to public criticism. What should I do? 

A: Discipline your mind and leave alone others’ tongue.

Q: Master, I have been framed and slandered. My persecutors have misrepresented the truth and fabricated false information against me. Yet it seems impossible to defend myself. I am tortured. Master, please show me the way!

A: The law of karma will do you justice. Even when you are wronged, sow good seeds for the future.  

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