A person's integrity naturally manifests itself (II)

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Think less about how to protect yourself and more about how to care for and help others.

Q: Master, I’ve long been troubled by something: I’m often misunderstood. For example, a remark I made just to let out my feelings was mistaken as being directed at a certain person, who then becomes biased against me. To avoid trouble, I am very cautious about my words and deeds, yet things often go against my wishes. How depressed I am! Master, I’m in desperate need of your guidance. 

A: When dealing with others, think less about how to protect yourself and more about how to care for and help others. 

Q: Master, I am recently framed and slandered. How do I face the matter?

A: A person’s integrity naturally manifests itself. Why worry?

Master Xuecheng: Once Master Hanshan1 asked Master Shide, “How do we deal with someone who slanders, bullies, insults, laughs at, disdains, belittles, hurts, or deceives me?” Shide replied, “Do nothing but tolerate, yield to, let be, avoid, endure, respect, and ignore him. Give it a few years and see what will become of him.”

Q: Master, I am suffering for my kindness, which has turned out to be my flaw. Why? Please advise. 

A: Sticking to being kind in adversity is not a flaw, but a gem that dignifies your life. 

Q: Master, is tolerance an indication of evasion and weakness? 

A: Only the most powerful mind can practice forgiveness, endurance of humiliation, and kindness.

Q: Master, I often cannot tell forgiveness from weakness. Please advise.

A: Whether it is forgiveness or weakness depends upon the state of mind, not how the matter appears. Forgiveness indicates a peaceful, generous, energetic and worry-free mind. In contrast, weakness reveals a mind that is easily disturbed, agonized, timid, and full of remorse.

1 Master Hanshan and Master Shide were renowned Chinese Buddhist masters in the Tang dynasty.

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