A person's integrity naturally manifests itself (I)

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Follow the way things are while remaining unaffected. Thus you can truly keep away from trouble and obtain happiness.

Q: Master, what should I do when others misunderstand me? Should I explain? I’m afraid my explanation will turn me into a laughing stock.

A: Misunderstanding resides in others’ minds. The distorted fact has nothing to do with you. So don’t fear! It is no big matter to be misunderstood, while on the other hand you should avoid misunderstanding others.


Q: Master, how do we avoid being irritated when reproached or misunderstood by others?

A: All external conditions are there to help us on the path to enlightenment. Shouldn’t we be grateful?


Q: Master, people’s morality in this modern society has deteriorated! How I hope that honesty and sincerity can be regained! Master, how should I deal with situations where I’m wronged?

A: Just be honest with yourself. It is more than enough.


Q: Venerable Master, today I ran into a rogue, who made trouble out of nothing and slapped my face in public. We went to the police to settle this dispute. Although he apologized to me, I still feel aggrieved and oppressed. How should I treat those kind of people and cultivate myself in such circumstances?

A: Take care of your mind in circumstances, which is a Buddhist cultivation indeed.

Q: Master, I am deeply troubled. I was maliciously slandered. I would like to know the karmic cause and effect in this matter. And how do I stop this crazy attack?

A: Countering hatred with hatred provides only momentary satisfaction. By so doing, one will suffer an everlasting cycle of revenge and evil consequences. In contrast, forgiving and tolerance may leave one feeling grieved at the time, yet this practice will put an end to the suffering and will free one from past karmas.  

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