When our devotion is not appreciated (II)

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Pain is caused not by others' misunderstanding, but by our expectations of others' approval and appreciation.

Q: Venerable Master! It is hard to tell what’s going on in others’ minds. So I’m so afraid of getting endless hurt after I’ve sincerely dedicated myself to another. Master, how can I see through others’ minds and would I better protect myself by doing so?

A: All fears come from the intention to protect yourself.

Q: Master, people say that kind people are likely bullied. How do we avoid being bullied while keeping kind?

A: First, people who are kind are not necessarily bullied. Second, being bullied is the effect of past bad karmas. Therefore, to avoid future bullying, we should stick to being kind, respecting and helping others.

Q: Master, I'm a Buddhist. I feel troubled now. I offer advice freely for the benefits of others, but very often my kindness is not appreciated. Some turn a deaf ear; others don’t take my advice seriously and even grow impatient. Then evil thoughts arise in me and I just cannot wait to see those who do not listen to me make a fool of themselves. Yet, I often cannot resist lending them a helping hand, with much inner turmoil though.

A: One who is unattached does not fear; one who is selfless does not worry. Assist with sincerity and expect nothing in return.

Q: Amitabha! Greetings Ven. Master! I helped someone; yet, she did not appreciate my good intention. Now I find myself trapped in anguish. Master, what principles are we to follow when helping others? How do I avoid sufferings? And, I cannot fully understand Buddha’s teaching that we should treat all people as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas; is this because I still have some attachments?

A: Pain is caused not by others’ misunderstanding, but by our expectations of others’ approval and appreciation.

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