Sun Chunlan Meeting the Panchen Erdini Qoigyi Gyaibo

Time:2015-02-13 14:44:02
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Sun Chunlan shaking hands with thethe Panchen Erdini Qoigyi Gyaiboon February 12, 2015 in Beijing

On February 12th, 2015, Ms. Sun Chunlan, Member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC National Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department of CCP Central Committee, met with thePanchen Erdini Qoigyi Gyaiboin Beijing

Sun Chunlan send her greetings for the Chinese Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year toPanchen Erdini Qoigyi Gyaibo.Panchen offered hada (a piece of silk used as a greeting gift among the Zang and Mongol ethnic groups) toSun Chunlan, expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the care and support from the CPC central committee and the state council. He said that he would inherit and carry forward the glorious traditions of patriotism and religious commitment from the successive Panchen Lamas, keep in mind the responsibility, serve the believers and live up to the expectations of the party, the country and the general public of believers.

Sun Chunlan congratulated Panchen on all his achievements made. She said that since the 18th party congress, CPC lead by its President Xi Jinping has given care and attention to the growth of Panchen and other Tibetan Buddhist Masters and raised new hope and requirements. In recent years, through Panchen’s hard work, he has become more mature politically, more learned in Buddhism and more knowledgeable on cultures, demonstrating the good qualities of a living Buddha of Tibetan Buddhism. And gaining broader and broader respect among the believers.

Sun Chunlan said that this year was the 20th anniversary of the establishment of his Panchen enthronement and he entered a new phase of growth. She hoped that Panchen will keep his political stand of supporting the leadership of CPC, uphold the unity of the motherland and the nation, and continue his diligent study and practice in Buddhism as well as learning modern scientific and cultural knowledge in order to become a knowledgeable living Buddha. She expects him to play a positive role in leading the Tibetan Buddhist community to adapt themselves to the socialist society and in contributing to the realization of the Chinese dream.

Source: Xinhua News

Editor: Xia Xinhong

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