Geshe Sherab Gyatso giving Dharma talks in Guangren Monastery

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Xi’an, once the capital city for six different dynasties including the Tang Dynasty in China, resembles a vital part of Chinese culture and history. In the midst of the many Han Buddhist temples in this city, there is also a monastery for Tibetan Buddhism – Guangren Monastery, where the renowned Venerable Master Sherab Gyatso gave Dharma talks on Jul. 27, 1950 and called for actions safeguarding the world peace.

Guangren Monastery

Guangren Monastery 

The renowned Geshe Sherab Gyatso arrived at the Guangren Monastery of Xi’an city on Jul. 27, 1950, where he gave well-received Dharma talks.

He called for actions to safeguard world peace especially from Buddhists who have gone refuge to the three jewels. Over 260 people answered his call on site by first putting their signatures on the letter. More than 200 people had gone refuge on the same day.

Guangren Monastery was constructed during the 44th year of the Kangxi Emporor’s regime in the Qing Dynasty (the year of 1705 in the Gregorian calendar). It is the only monastery for Tibetan Buddhism in Xi’an. In the year of 1983, it was listed as one of the National Key Buddhist Temples in the Han Area by the State Council.

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