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The magazine of Modern Buddhist Studies played a vital role in enabling and assisting both theoretical studies and practical application of Buddhism teachings. It was compiled by the Modern Buddhism Society, which was founded on Jun. 18, 1950.


 Modern Buddhist Studies Bound Volume in the year of 1995

On Jun. 18, 1950, Modern Buddhism Society was founded by Venerable Master Juzan, Geshe Sherab Gyatso and a group of renowned Buddhists including Mr. Li Jishen, Mr. ChenMingshu and Mr. Zhao Puchu. The decision was also made to create a monthly magazine –Modern Buddhist Studies.

The mission included three aspects: to research Mahayana Buddhism theories and teachings of all sects of the exoteric and esoteric schools, to verify the theories through promoting Bodhisattva practices and achieving non-self and the devoid of self-attachment, and to collect, authenticate and consolidate historical relics and Buddhism classics.

This magazine has played a vital role in promoting studies of Buddhism theories and disseminating government policies on religions. Mr. Chen Mingshu was selected as the president of the Modern Buddhism Society, Mr. Lv Cheng as the Honorary President, and Ven. Master JuZan as the chief editor.

Modern Buddhist Studies became the official journal of the Buddhist Association of China (BAC) when it was founded in 1953, while the Modern Buddhism Society was merged into the Study Committee of the BAC in July 1954. Publication of the magazine halted due to the ultra-left trend of thought in 1964, marking its temporary end after 144 issues. It was resumed in 1981 under the new name of theVoice of Dharma.

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