Ven. Master Xingci transitioned into the perfect rest

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On June 2nd 1950, the much respected Ven. Master Xingci of Tiantai School went into his perfect rest in Shanghia Fazang Monastery. While he is gone, his spirits and compassion will always stay.

On Jun. 2, 1950, Ven. Master Xingci of Tiantai School went into his perfect rest in Shanghai Fazang Monastery.

Ven. Master Xing Ci

Ven. Master Xingci became a monk in Fangguang Monastery in Mount Tiantai at the age of 14. The next year he was fully ordained. After his diligent study of classics of the Tiantai School, he started to give lectures on classics such as "The Diamond Sutra" and "The Lotus Sutra". At the age of 34, he set up platforms to transmit precepts. Later he became a leader for Shanghai Chaochen Temple. He started to build Fazang Monastery in the year of 1924.

Fazang Monastery

Ven. Master Xingci was very committed to charity events. He co-founded the Shanghai Buddhist Fellowship Society and was elected as the President. The Society had been offering porridge to the poor for over 5 years. He founded Ciguang Tutoring School in Fazang Monastery in 1946 and started to offer education for children suffering from poverty.Later he also established the Ciguang Charity Clinic.

In late spring of 1950, he knew it was time to leave and left his will to his disciple Master Huikai. On Jun. 2, he took a shower peacefully, changed his rode, sat straight facing the west, and went into his perfect rest while the community was chanting the name of the Buddha. He was 70 years old and had been a monk for 56 years by 1950.

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