Praying and Delivery Dharma Assembly with Fund Raising Held by the BAC for the Quake-Hit Zone in Taiwan
2016-06-08 16:25:53
On February 12, 2016 at Bejing Guangji Temple, the Buddhist Association of China held a praying and delivery Dharma assembly for the quake-hit zone in Taiwan with fund-raising for post-quake relief. President Master Xuecheng of the BAC co-led the praying rituals with vice presidents Master Yanjue, Master Zongxing, Lama Hu Xuefeng and deputy secretary-general Master Changzang. The assembly witnessed hundreds of attendees, who were masters from Beijing Guangji Temple, Fayuan Temple, Lingguang Temple, Longquan Monastery and Beijing Lama Temple, staff from the BAC, Taiwanese businessmen and citizens living in Beijing and believers from all directions. People from both sides of the Strait prayed together for blessing of the Three Jewels to protect the alive from disasters and deliver the dead to the Pure Land. Master Hongdu, deputy secretary-general of the BAC, hosted the Dharma assembly.

Inhis speech,Ven. Master Xuecheng said thatpeople across the Strait are like blood siblings sharing a commonfate, and that the Buddhist communities on both sides are even closer Dharma brothers originating from the same root and leading to the same future.The earthquake haddestroyed high buildings but would never break down the bridge of heart linking the ordinary people and fourfold Buddhist disciples on both sides oftheStrait.The Buddhist Association of Chinaexpressed concern andcondolence to theBuddhist community in Taiwan right after theoccurrence of the quake, as he stated.

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