Seminar on Inter-cultural Exchanges and Popularization of the Spirit of Master Xuanzang
2015-11-21 21:06:05

On the afternoon of May 13th, 2015, the Buddhist Association of China held a “Seminar on Inter-cultural Exchanges and Popularization of the Spirit of Master Xuanzang” at Guangji Monastery in Beijing. More than thirty experts and scholars, including Master Xuecheng, President of the BAC; the 11th Panchen Erdeni, Vice President of the BAC; Professor Huang Xinchuan, Director of Master Xuanzang Research Center; Professor Lou Yulie, a renowned Buddhist scholar, now teaching at Beijing University, etc. attended the meeting and discussed Master Xuanzang’s historical achievements, as well as the meanings and modern values of his spirit. They also talked about how Buddhism would exert positive influence on the “One Belt and One Road” National Strategy and the promotion of worldwide cultural exchanges.

At the seminar, Master Xuecheng, President of the BAC, summarized the historical achievements and the spiritual legacy of Master Xuanzang. According to Master Xuecheng, Master Xuanzang’s pilgrimage to India for Buddhist scriptures has built a bridge of cultural exchanges and friendly interactions between China and countries and ethnic groups in East Asia and South Asia, exemplified the unique role of Buddhism as a cultural tie within this geo-cultural context and promoted exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. Master Xuanzang also leaves a precious spiritual legacy worth studying, inheriting and carrying forward. His spiritual legacy includes his grand ambition of spreading Buddhism and passing on culture, his great love of his home country and benefiting his country and his fellow countrymen, his great devotion to the Dharma and to enlightening sentient beings, his conscientious pursuit of the truth, his spirit of courage and perseverance and his glorious deeds of promoting cultural exchanges and enhancing friendship.

Master Xuecheng proposed that a “Master Xuanzang Award” be established to honor people who have made outstanding contributions to Buddhist cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. He also suggested establishing a “Master Xuanzang Research Center” in the Research Institute of Buddhist Culture of China to carry out studies on Master Xuanzang and on Buddhist cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

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