Amitabha Birthday Dharma Assembly brings mercy
2016-12-22 13:44:03

The 2016 Intensive Dharma Practice Assembly Commemorating the Birthday of Amitabha Buddha was held at Beijing Longquan Monastery on December 15. It started with a morning class praying for bliss, followed by worshiping and circling the Buddha, chanting the Five Pure Land Sutras, paying respect to the Buddha with flowers, the ritual of transmitting Three Refuges for the Buddhist followers, and Dharma services that liberate ghosts and deceased spirits in the evening to sincerely pray for compassion, and happiness for all living beings. With love for all living beings as if they were his only children, on this very special day, the Buddha presented all with a gift for the mind: a heart-shaped moon in the sky, bringing joy and encouragement to all living beings.

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