Why does Buddhism attract me?(IV)

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Dharma sister shared her recognition and confidence to Buddhism and Buddha’s teachings. She also gave a short introduction about Longquan Monastery, Master Xuecheng and the idea of “Culture of the Mind” he advocated.

I went for refuge on June 9th, 2016. Why does Buddhism attract me? Because I believe that Buddhism is the most absolute belief in the world. I saw with my own eyes that Dharma has changed many people’s lives, including me. Our moods are becoming more and more peaceful through learning Buddhist’s teachings, our lives are getting better and better. Many people do not believe in the infinity of life or cyclic existence not because they have firm evidence that cyclic existence is fictitious, but because the education they’ve received doesn’t help them develop such Buddhism concepts. From a scientific point of view, things that we can’t see, know and believe in does not necessarily exist. On the other hand, a lot of reincarnation incidences have been recorded in the books and research literatures at all times and in all over the world. Buddha taught the truth of cyclic existence not to intimidate people, but to help them know the truth of pain and joy which will lead to the final step of being liberated from cyclic existence.

Master Xuecheng is a very compassionate teacher. He is the Buddhist abbot of Longquan Monastery in Beijing. The temple was first built in the early Yingli years of the Liao Dynasty in AD 957 with a history of over 1,000 years. Holding various Dharma assemblies on festivals for Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and traditional Chinese festivals and many intensive group-practice assemblies on legal holidays, Longquan Monastery has become a piece of pure land for modern people to restore spiritual tranquility. The assemblies also have multilingual branch venues, which cover over ten languages including English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Tibetan, etc. While nurturing multilingual talents, they also provide a platform for international friends to learn about Chinese culture. 

Ven. Master Xuecheng said, “Performing charities is not providing relief, but doing good deeds. Helping others is helping ourselves; making others get liberated is making ourselves get liberated.”  He advocated purification of minds through “diligently practicing precepts, concentration and wisdom and vanquishing greed, anger and ignorance”, thus facilitating the formation of a new human civilization that originates itself from inside the heart and could be put into practice in society, with the “Culture of the Mind” as the guideline, so as to establish an ever-lasting peaceful pure land on earth.

I would like following the practice of Longquan Monastery. After joining the Longquan ashram, I have understood a lot of truth and corrected many faults by learning Buddhism. We should keep our traditional moral values, without being too pretentious and materialistic. And we should be thoughtful, considerate of other people’s feelings because what you have said or done will have an effect on others. So it is important that we should be cautious about our discourse and behavior. Moreover, a thoughtless act or remark can spoil a perfect relationship. After all, what goes around comes around. 

I vow to follow the path that our masters and teachers show us,practice with the practitioners, and undertake the works for the benefit of all beings.

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