Why does Buddhism attract me? (III)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Dharma Sister Xie Chang     Time:2018-05-21 22:58:34
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The author explained from four aspects why Buddhism attracts her. And she told her impression of the Longquan monastery with deep emotion.

Time certainly does fly! It all seems as if it were just yesterday. When I looked back, I had been in Longquan monastery for six years. 

Why does Buddhism attract me? 

First of all, I believe this is my fate. Maybe I really have some affinity with Buddhism, with an old temple --- Longquan monastery. Six years ago, I encountered a turning-point of my life. Longquan monastery and a community of people who were studying here, praying here, and advancing Buddhist knowledge here, had come to my life and totally changed the way of my life. These venerable monks have made the most decisive influence in my life. I am affected and perfumed by them, by the teachings and practice of Buddhism. Over days and months, such influences accumulated, resulting in such a fact, that is to say, I took refuge in Buddhism and became a Buddhist. From then on I embarked on a new way of life. And the new life is both challenging and colorful. 

Second, the Buddha’s teachings attract me. Buddhism leads me to think about the real purpose of life, and what is real happiness? I have learned that we come to this world not to enjoy but to create. In the modern world, everyone contends for fame and wealth. We want this or that. If we don’t get what we want, we keep thinking about all that we don’t have and we remain dissatisfied. On the other hand, despite getting what we want, we still remain unhappy. While happiness may be more complex for us, the solution is the same as ever. Happiness can’t be found when we are yearning for new desires. Happiness isn’t about what happens to us, it’s about how we perceive what happens to us. It’s not wishing for what we don’t have, but enjoying what we do possess.

Third, the life style of Buddhism attracts me. And to some extent, my life style and personality are in accord with Buddhism. I live a silent, simple life and I really enjoy this style of life, rather than hustle and bustle. I like a story about an ancient Chinese philosopher, Zhuang Zhou. Zhuang dreamed that he had become a butterfly, and upon waking, asked himself whether his life as a man or as a butterfly was real.

Last but not least, Longquan monastery attracts me. As we know, this venerable monastery has a history of more than 1000 years. To go into this beautiful temple is full of very interesting monuments. The Golden Serpent Bridge, the ginkgo tree, both of them are more than 1000 years old. At the end of the autumn season, the ground is covered with golden leaves, the stark shape of rock against the sky. The scene is quite beautiful and I enjoy watching the sunset. Strolling in the ancient temple is very enjoyable. Whenever I am in these surroundings, I would forget all my troubles and unhappy things. 

To sum up, from the above mentioned you can see that Buddhism attracts me in many ways and I benefit a lot from it. Buddha Dharma is like the sun, shining over the world, giving warmth to all things. Therefore, I would like to challenge myself. Be kind. Study hard. Be devoted to Buddhism. Be willing to soar to heights.

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