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Buddhist Literature Translation and Editing


Buddhist scriptures, vast and profound, may appear mysterious and even intimidating to new learners. Wouldn’t it be nice if there are a few books that could present ancient wisdom in modern language?

How to navigate through the ocean of Buddhist texts? What is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching? How could the ancient wisdom really help us in the 21stcentury to live a better life? Will the world become better? These are important questions that monastics of the 21stcentury contemplate on.

Venerable Master Xuecheng, a visionary leader and a practitioner with over 30 years’ experience, shares his comments in a series of 8 books, consisting of his collected works ranging from essays to speeches.

These books were published in Chinese in2015. An initial translation has been completed recently, and much editing and proof-reading work needs to be completed in order to meet the targeted deadline for publication of September.We call this B21 PROJECT–Buddhism for 21stCentury.


We welcome any levels of commitment include:

1.     AHard-core Editors  (4-5 hours of input per week on average)

The editors can choose a book of interest to work on. You will work closely with the translation and editing team over online meetings, discussing in details about word choices, sentence organizations, etc.

2.     BRegular Polishers  (2 hours of input per week on average)

Read through the almost-ready texts, comment translation quality, and spot and report obvious problems (where you find it unclear or confusing). Your work will help the translation to become spotless and readers-friendly.

3.     CCasual Readers   (1 hours of input per week on average)

Read through the almost-ready texts, write comments on the content. The comments will be very important for us to learn about different readers’ perspectives and will help in the future marketing of the books.

For commitment A, native-level English capacity, skills in Chinese and editing are needed. For B and C, there are no language requirements – as long as you are interested in reading with us, you are welcome to join us!

All our meetings and discussions are conducted online, thanks to modern technology! We typically use ZOOM or WeChat for communication.


No matter which level of commitment you choose, you will get:

1)       Access to an exclusive WeChat group, where we share every day the insider’s records of monastic             life of a nunnery in China;

2)       Meeting like-minded people, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists;

3)       Possibilities to be admitted to our exclusive online Buddhist courses ( in English);

4)       Have fun and grow with the community, and

5)       Logistic support and free accommodation when you visit Beijing or Fujian.


For more details, please contact Shi Xianken:


WeChat: chanslation2018

Cell phone: +86 157 1507 6721


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