Why does Buddhism attract me? (II)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Wang Yanan     Time:2018-05-06 22:10:45
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A Dharma sister shared her understanding about the Buddism term "impermanece", which has a story about her beloved father.

I thought the life goal should be working hard to chase wealth and fame until my father passed away in 2011.My father unexpected got acute myocardial infarction on July 2011. He didn’t leave any word. I never expected he left me so soon. I regret I didn't do anything for him. I want to know where my father went after died? What can I do for him?

I was shocked a person would undergo suffering after death when I read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. I realize death is not an ending of life rather a start of another new life. I must do something better for my father’s future. The only way I can rely on is the Buddhism.

I was subdued by Buddha after I read Fo Shuo Ru Tai Jing Jin Shi (《佛说入胎经今释》)by Mr.Nai Huaijin. I believe Buddha has great wisdom knowing everything due to Buddha knew feelings of a fetal growth more detailed as long as 2500 years ago.

I read some Buddhism books and sutras. Of course I can’t understand the meaning of the sutras. So I want to learn Buddha’s teachings by following a master in a monastery in Beijing. I searched and observed Shifu’s Weibo for 2 years. After applying a weekend volunteer, I walked into Longquan Monastery, and joined the perfect education system. I took refuge again in Longquan Monastery in Qingming Festival 2015. Now I’m a Buddhist of 2 years old.

I’m learning The one Hundred Dharmas following Chinese group, and learning Understanding Life in English group, and now we start to learn The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment in English.

The first Buddhism term I learned is “impermanent”. I was really scared by impermanence from my father's past. It can take away my belongings, even my relatives at any time. I didn't like the word.

Our Shifu said:" Dependent arising implies that everything is undergoing transformation. So, things are impermanent and changeable. Due to this constant change and impermanence, we can have the chance to get rid of our afflictions completely. If things were not of dependent arising nature and were not experiencing transformation, afflictions would always remain afflictions." 

Impermanence carried off my father but it is also a dependent arising to drive me studying the Buddhism. Impermanence relieved me of my post and made me work less. Therefor I have time to learn the Buddha’s teachings. Impermanence closes a door meanwhile opens a window. Now I am not scarred the word. I’m learning to face each impermanent situation and subdue my afflictions. Without the Buddha’s teaching, I would get angry to retake the post back if I thought it was mine. Afflictions would defeat me and control my mind to make infinite bad karmas. 

I feel so lucky to learn Buddha’s teachings following our Shifu——Master Xuecheng.

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