Studying notes of Buddhist English lecturer Class

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A Dharma sister shared her study notes in the English lecture class and gave some important ideas in learning of the Buddha’s teaching.

It is a pity that I could not be on site to listen to the venerable master Xianqing’s teachings. But thanks for the opportunity study it through the recordings. Followings are the main ideas I have got: 

1, Having Long-term goal is the most important;

One cannot overcome difficulties to achieve final success throughout the whole life, unless there is a long-term goal in the inner mind.

Otherwise, one would possibly be bogged down and even give up to worse extent without long-term goal when he or she encounters a little bit suffering.

2, The goal of studying Buddhism is to change our bad habits;

Buddha has great compassion and wisdom as he had reached the perfection with no impact from the power of the karma; On the contrary , our compassion and mercy cannot be compared with those of the Buddha at all as afflictions and the power of karma impel our thinking habits. As a result, we should start to create virtuous karma from now on by taking self-responsibility and removing bad habits.

3, Sufferings come from overestimate ourselves;

When confronting failure or frustration, we often feel painful. Why do we feel like that? We often overestimate ourselves. The gap between our expectation and the results cause the sufferings. However, if we accept the principle of cause and effect, we should have the faith in that the effect would come someday in case of cause and sufficient conditions.

Hence, we should adopt a calm attitude to look at the results with no afflictions and sufferings.

4, Only with great compassion and merits could the one have the capacity to help other living beings.

The one owning great compassion and merits will not have self-attachment so that he or she could attain happiness autonomously. Then he or she is able to make positive effect on others and help others.

But in contrast, we are still experiencing sufferings because of the afflictions caused by our bad habits, like self-attachment, etc. So, if we want to help others by practicing cultivation in our ordinary life, we could accumulate more merits and good karmas to ensure we are qualified to do that.

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