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From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Luo Jiawei     Time:2018-03-23 15:19:33
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The author expressed his feeling during undertaking as a volunteer in Longquan Monastery and practicing following Masters' speeches.

To be a volunteer is not only a test but also a practice of loving compassion and wisdom. The very familiar expression that “Dharma can not enter our minds”reminds me how to act. What touches me most is that, first of all, working as a volunteer, you can only make achievements when you are rightly motivated. Second, it will lead to a good result if you follow the instructions from the Master and cooperate with your team. Finally, hard work is necessary too! Though I shouldn’t be attached to any matter, I have to say that matters help to cultivate my mind.

What I did most last week was the answer issues of Xian’er Robot. I got altogether 250 questions, which were distributed to some kind and interested volunteers. Although I was lucky enough to listen to the Masters’ instructions, I still had to refer to these instructions when answering questions. During that time, I am always very delighted. It might be that the speeches given by the Masters make me more respectful, or they add more wisdom to my life, which I will never acquire during my entire life. I am delighted as I regard this kind knowledge as my teacher, but I still do not know what to do to pay it back. Each question illustrates a state of mind, and I can find my own shortcomings from answering the questions. That I sometimes failed to properly answer these online questions raised by netizens is, in fact, an encouragement to me: I should learn more from the masters. Moreover, it reminds me of the “I” made during my ceremony of conversion.

Last Saturday, I went to the microfilm To Be a Good Listener event. During lunchtime,  Buddhism brother led me to the new dining hall. After being seated, a brother of the dining hall was giving out regulations and instructions. The first several rows were soon full. One brother with whom I worked together sat across me, and besides him sat a father and a son. It seemed that the little boy was brought here by his father for the first time, and he covered his ears when we were chanting our scriptures. Obviously, he was not getting used to this kind of eating environment. After chanting, we began to have lunch. After lunch, we will wait for hot water to clean the dishes. I have developed my good habit in this environment. I began to have some warm water after finishing cleaning, and accidentally I saw that the brother I knew took up the dish of the young boy and put some in his own dish. He saw me when he turned around and I was so touched by this situation. I took my dish to get some “charity” from this brother, and one brother from the behind row also took some charity.

Walking out of the dining hall, I was still thinking what happened just now. It might be that the young boy was too thrilled to visit the mountain, or he was not getting used to this dinning environment, or might be that he didn’t like the food here. No matter what it was, I was happy that he was here on the mountain, that he was happy because he could reach kind knowledge. Nothing is more delightful than getting close to Triratna and kind knowledge. Here in the monastery, every person is free, and people can release themselves and return to themselves. Every moment is so real. Therefore, everyone who is in the monastery should shoulder the responsibility as a predecessor to protect the kind heart of each person.

When my inner “self” was freed from constraints, it turned out to be extremely delighted, and I felt that compassion and wisdom is not only nourished from sutras, but also through engagement. The premise of purifying the inner heart is not to set a limit to “I”, as freedom cannot be achieved through that. The reason why I write this is to pray the blessings from the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and excellent teachers, and more about to confess the past karmas, to abolish the inner dark, and to try to establish the right cognition.

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