Not to Yield Satisfaction with Achievement

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The author reflected her mistakes made during practices specifically about “Not to Yield Satisfaction with Achievement” based on the lecture given by Master, which also inspirates our practices.

The lecture, in essence, was full of words which should be remembered and be put into practices. Also, there were several scenes moving me so much to be in tears. However, one part, named Not to Yield Satisfaction with Achievement, was exactly necessary to cope with my current situation and my accumulated habit.

Actually, I was really happy to accomplish a textbook for monastery and even proud of my work, even though I was only one member of this project. I indulged in this joy and satisfaction so deeply that I always tasted this pride over and over. Nevertheless, I felt a little bit of fear because I did not know the next step and cannot find the direction. Fortunately, the content of this lecture on 6th January not only made me realized the damage fully, but told me how to solve my problem

Ven. Master Xuecheng told us that our mind is too tiny to hold so many things. If we were full of satisfaction, there would be no space to contain much more worthy matters. Satisfaction, indeed, is able to cause pride and even lead to ignorance which would give birth to delusion. Gradually, the time would be wasted by delusion and the life would be destroyed by delusion.

On the contrary, working diligently without any words is the most effective way to eliminate ignorance and delusion. Therefore, knowledge and vision could be cultivated through study in spare time, while skills and abilities could be trained through practice in busy time. In conclusion, it is required to arrange the schedule appropriately so that there is no time to indulge in any extreme. In addition, our mind will be expanded continuously by above mentioned study and practice.

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