Small Mind Great Mind (III)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Sha Yingjiao     Time:2018-03-02 23:18:01
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The author used metaphors from the stories of "A frog in the well" and "Winning the war by empty talk" to describe her small mind. Until having learned Buddha Dharma, she expanded her small mind to the great mind following Shifu's teachings.

It’s my great pleasure to participate in the wonderful assembly and share my ideas with you. I want to share two stories with you. The first one - A frog in the well.There was once a frog who made his home in a shallow well. The frog was satisfied with the well he lived in and thought it’s the best place in the world. One day, he met a turtle from the East Sea, and then he realized how poor he knew about the world.That, was me, in the past, being as a frog in the well who was in a small mind. And my complete wrong idea was the well.I was limited by my own misconceptions and lacked the ability to know the truth of life. Fortunately, I have the chance to study Buddha Dharma which gives me the perfect wisdom without borders. Now I’ m still a frog in the well, but I have realized that the world is not what I’ve seen. I have a strong desire to climb out of the well to see the whole world. Then how can I achieve my goals? Let’s comes to the next story.

The next story is Winning the war by empty talk. In the Warring States Period, the State of Zhao had a famous General called Zhao She, whose son, Zhao Kuo, was very fond of reading books on military science and discussing military strategy. He could learn military texts by heart, and speak so clearly and logically when discussing warfare, which made it seems that even his father was not his match. When the State of Qin attacked the State of Zhao, the ruler of Zhao ordered Zhao Kuo to lead soldiers to resist the attack. But since Zhao Kuo had no practical experience of battle, he was defeated and lost his life. Once upon a time, I was another Zhao Kuo in the life. I separated life and Buddha Dharma absolutely, life was life, and Buddha Dharma was likewise. Although fortunate enough to hear the Dharma in my life, I didn’t practice it in real life to help me get rid of my bad habits and negative emotions. For a long time, Buddhism was merely a theory to me. I felt great about knowing the theory of Buddhism and used my wrong ideas to find others' faults. While chanting and scribing Buddhist scriptures, my heart rejoiced peacefully. However, I was still troubled by the unpleasant people and things I have encountered. After learning the teachings of our Shifu: In accordance with the teachings we practice, In accordance with actions we speak. I begin to realize that life is practice and practice is life. An act of kindness, a smile, studying, washing dishes… those are all practices, practice is not just learning the Dharma on thescriptures. Our Shifu told us the practice is to amend our own bad habits. If we don’t use Buddha Dharma in life, how can we change ourselves? Even though a building is well designed, there’s nothing if you don’t set about doing it. Even though one hears a lot of Buddha Dharma, not to practice, is also empty. Guiding our actions by theory, we will not make mistakes. Confirming the theory with actions, we can understand more deeply.

Now when I meet the unpleasant things or people, I consider it as the Buddha and Bodhisattva's test for me, then I can restrain myself not to quarrel with others. However my inner strength is not strong enough so that I often find it hard to control myself. As the saying goes: Rome was not built in one day. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Now I’ m still a frog with small mind in the well. The way to climb out of the well and have a great mind is to combine the theory with practice,in accordance with the teachings we practice and in accordance with actions we speak.

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