Small Mind Great Mind (II)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Guo Yue     Time:2018-02-23 10:39:42
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The author gives her personal view about what is Small Mind & Great Mind, and the ultimate way to achieve the Great Mind is to practice in accordance with the teachings and speak in accordance with actions.

As the former first lady of the United States, American politician, diplomat and activist Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people”. By saying “Small minds discuss people,” she means that those who discuss people as an end to itself are shallow. When you switch from discussing people to events, there is an improvement because you look beyond people and focus on events. As someone becomes more curious about the world and looks beyond what’s immediately visible, they start to talk about not just people or events, but ideas.

Now, I invite all my dear Dharma friends to answer this question: what type of mind is yours now? Maybe you are a small mind who, although come to the monastery once in a while, but back in the secular world still bad-mouth others, gossip, put people down, or follow the news reactively…Believe me, they won’t bring us anywhere. Maybe you are an average mind, who’s already known something about the ultimate truth, but can still be full of anger and inflictions in the face of certain harsh situations. Maybe you expand your minds a little and look upon people like Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, etc. as inspirational figures for change, but still rely on the obvious and cannot go deeper to what lies beneath the surface. No matter how big your minds are now, one thing we are all very sure about is, our Master, our Dharma teachers are great minds. 

A quote attributed to Edmond Mbiaka goes like this: "If you constantly brush shoulders with great minds, sooner or later you would surely become very familiar with what it takes to dwell in the land of greatness.” So to become one of the great minds we should work diligently to study, reflect and practice with our dharma teachers and friends. Only by doing so continuously, can we be walking on the right path towards our master and become closer to him little by little everyday. Maybe now we are someone who can talk about the dharma with our teachers and friends, but still holds a small mind inside, but the more important thing is that we are lucky enough to encounter a great mind, and to learn from him, and even be a part of his great cause. We have all made up our mind to take refuge in the Three Jewels. With a determined mind to allow our body, speech and mind be permeated with our faith in the Dharma, we can truly live our lives to the full potential. Act in accordance with our words, speak in accordance with our actions;because our faith underpin in every aspect of our lives, our actions are different from those of ordinary people. Let the Dharma guide our way and steer us towards Buddhahood, we will eventually be one who can “walk the walk, and talk the talk”. 

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