Small Mind Great Mind (I)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Xian Bo     Time:2018-02-18 17:26:03
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The changes happened after the author took refuge in the Three Jewels in Longquan Monastery. She really get relief from the fear of the future, encounter less afflictions in daily life, and change from enjoying social activities to taking responsibilities in Monastery.

Twenty two years ago, I took refuge in the Three Jewels with my own small mind: good health, fortunate in life, and the like. As I have not encountered any Dharma teacher, I just invited some Dharma books from temples and read by myself. Each time I visited temples, I just worshipped for my own benefits. I must admit I have been living in the ocean of the afflictions with ignorance even after my taking refuge.  

Thanks for the hurt on my waist last spring, during the massage treatment, my doctor   mentioned he once had been a volunteer in Longquan Monastery---like a flash in the darkness, I said to myself---why not go to Longquan Monastery?  

Longquan, impressed me when I visited it for the first time in August. I found it totally different from the other temples I have visited before: no fire filling in the air, no crowded worshipping people, and no donation enforced, no payment for the incense, even no real Buddha Statue. But everything’s in its turn. When I sought a help, I could get a patient guidance from any volunteer. I could feel peace in Longquan. I took the Buddha Assembly wholly during the National Holiday and took refuge in the Three Jewels again in Longquan on Oct. 6c. During the vowing, I spoke silently in my heart: With my little effort, I'd like to spread the Dharma internationally. But I know the aspiration is not enough, I am lacking the basic and correct view on the Dharma, and I need to study from the very origin. I wish to take part in Longquan studying system as a new beginner. 

Fortunately, I was invited to a Dharma class near my home. I began to studythe Great Treatise with the Dharma fellows in November. At the same time, I have been accepted by the Program of International promotion transmission of Dharma, under the teaching of Master Xianqing, to studythe Great Treatise in English from December.

With the teaching by the Master teachers and sharing with the fellow Dharma Brothers, I understand what is the real path we need to practice: to be with loving kindness and compassion with purity to benefit the sentient beings instead of myself. Only in this way, can we feel the real happiness with reducing our greedy, hatred and ignorance. 

Review the past three months, my life has changed:

1.Previously, I always felt upset and afraid of becoming older with illness, and the death at the end. Now I fully understand what I am experiencing is all the result of my karmic consequences. The better life for the next lifetime will derive from what I am doing now. 

Therefore my fear and worrying are eased. 

2.Previously, owing to the greedy, hatred and ignorance, I usually encountered afflictions, and could not manage to calm down in a short time. Now there is less afflictions arising from the daily life and work. Dharma told us: when we have a kind and passionate feeling for others, we will not find a bad man. 

3.Previously, I have been busy with some social activities---to sponsor the parties among my school fellows—chorus, outdoor exercises, composing poetry. Now, I have dropped majority of We Chat groups with my schoolmates, but take up more responsibilities from the Monastery: reply as Xian Er, translation for Xian Er, participate into the Dharma Dictionary translation, listen and type the masters’ lecture, etc. I become busier than before, no time shopping, no time watching TV, but happier. With these works, I learned much from Ven. Master and Dharma masters, so that I could understand the real happiness root---benefit the others, benefit the sentient beings. 

The most important thing is I do not be afraid of the future anymore. I can feel calmer and more mindfulness than before. The happiness often fulfills my heart. I know the only way to benefit the sentient beings is to grasp every minute of the life to practice Dharma. 

For me, Small mind has changed to Great Mind. Just as our Ven. Master Xue Cheng teaches us: In accordance with the teachings, we practice, in accordance with actions, we speak.    


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