Grow up in Exile (IV)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Xian Bo     Time:2018-02-12 17:10:54
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A little story happened during the morning practices and the process how has the author changed bit by bit from monastic daily studies and undertakings.

During today’s morning studies, I found my right leg numbed for my improper sitting posture, and couldn’t step forward as I stood up. Just at that moment, the strong awareness of impermanence of life occurred to me: If I couldn’t have a healthy body, how could I make prostration for further cultivation? And, all of a sudden, I couldn’t help shedding tears upon such a thought. A senior Dharma sister caught sight of my distressing facial expression in my moving right leg, knelt down at once and massaged my leg again and again without any words. Then my leg quickly recovered from numbness. The virtuous action of the Dharma sister moved me so much that I came to realize the state of the unity of knowing and doing. Such a state also verified the New Year’s Message of our Shifu, Ven. Master Xuecheng, in the year of 2018 - “Act in accordance with one’s words; Speak in accordance with one’s actions.” We study and practice here unceasingly each day. What do we study and cultivate on earth? What kind of teachings do we act in accordance with? And what virtues do our actions in accordance with the teachings manifest? This Dharma sister gave me a definite answer to these questions with her own actions, which simply manifested the merits and virtues of the Three Jewels and the power of the Buddha Dharma. Before taking the monastic food, I happened to sit near this Dharma sister who was reading a book of Ven. Master Richang -The Wheel of Sharp Instruments. She shared with me the discourse of the book. We understood respectively and smiled to each other contentedly upon reading such a word, “All the unfavorable conditions are fabricated by one’s own mind.” 

After having the monastic breakfast, I came to Studio 305 of the Translation Center for further study. Dharma sister JL seemed a little nervous while speaking in translation class. I reached my hand to her, feeling her hand a little bit cold. Until right now I found myself capable to warm others, but I always thought of myself in great lack of warmth before. Dharma sister JL told me that it was better to wash barrels rather than wash bowels because there were many more people who aspired to wash bowels than those who aspired to wash barrels. Suddenly I came to know that the key to undertakings is to go wherever there is a need. When I finished washing barrels, I became full of joy and gratitude. I walked on my way to the studio accompanied with all kinds of fragrance which was so refreshing and so natural. With the help of fellow practitioners, I began to make PPT aboutThe Stories of Ven. Master Xuecheng. I felt myself more concentrated, my typing became more rhythmic, and my obscure mind turned clearer right here and now. I became aware of what I was doing: I knew I was typing, I knew I was contemplating, and I knew my eyes full of tears for the virtuous actions of our Shifu, Ven. Master Xuecheng. 

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