Why does Buddhism attract me?

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The author earnestly shared her experience about why she was attracted by Buddhism with us.

In the past twenty years, I was a dedicated person to my family and one of the most hardworking employees in my company. My family lived a really hard life in my childhood. Grown up in a family like that, luckily I learnt that if I wanted something, I just worked for it and earned it by myself. I set up lots of goals for myself and achieve them one after another.

So my motto for the past years is “to be a person who can start from zero to hero”. It is a long way to achieve the targets and most of the time I chose to sacrifice the time for leisure. As I lived alone in a different city and spent most of the time in working, I felt deeply empty inside gradually. Reading, working out or even travelling seemed to solve the problem only for a while. The confusion came back again and again. It took me a long time to find the real solution. I tried so many times and I failed so many times.

Accidently, I was invited to visit Longquan Monastery by a friend. At that time, I was struggling with a family member’s late-period cancer. Nevertheless, I was shocked in the visit and I came across the right thing I had looked for ever since. The visit left a deep impression on me: Every volunteer was so dedicated and happy for offering help. The things the masters told us were so plain but full of wisdom. Moreover, there were so many successful or highly educated people gathering there. I knew for a second I may find the answer there.

After that, the steps that I followed Buddhism never stopped. It is a big surprise to me that the monastery uses so many modern ways to promote Buddhism, like cartoons of Xian’er, Blogs, Micro blogs, websites and so on. It is so convenient for us to reach the resources and learn them at home.

After I learned about karma, I became to understand the essential reasons of the diseases and other unfortunate things that happened to me. I understand, accept and finally embrace them. If we focus on the problems themselves, the problem just rooted in our heart and wouldn’t stop growing up. Every problem is the problem of our heart, every greed, anger and the delusion come from our heart. This is why we cannot find the answer and solution from outside. We should know where the problems come from and then we will be able to solve the problems.

Venerable Master Xuecheng said, Buddhism is ancient but our believers are not. So he insists the monastery should connect closely to the society. We can find what we long to know by learning from our masters. Not only the problems in our life but also the elimination of all sufferings and attachment of complete happiness. Before the mind arouses, we should think carefully about it. It is so easy to be make mistakes. “Don’t do any evil no matter how insignificant it is; don’t miss any good no matter how insignificant it is.” We are always aware of doing good things, however, if we don’t understand the reason why we should benefit other sentient beings, good deeds are just good deeds.

My motto now is “Being a happy Bodhisattva at home and being selfless.”It is a long way to go for me but I am sure it is the right way. I hope I could affect others by behaving myself and attract more people to know about Buddhism.

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