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The author shared her experience about how to live with a purified life in accrodance with the subject given by Venerable Master XueCheng on the Spring Festival of the year 2003

The lecture given by Venerable Master XianQing, on Dec. 9th 2017, is all about the subject made on the Spring Festival of the year 2003 by Venerable Master XueCheng. The words that deeply moved me are as following: The first important thing for practitioners is religion practice, which helps us to achieve competent quality of will power and it’s aim is to subdue conflictions, eliminate bad habits and find the way out through diffictulty; The sencond important thing for practitioners is being encyclopedic, which helps us achieve competent quality of culutre, and it’s aim is to benefit more pepole; The third important thing for practitioners is working diligently, which helps us achieve competent quality of vow and it is the basis for the upper two. These words make me walk out of the pain and the puzzle of the last two months. I am very thankful for it.

I had to arrange my work in advance due to a scheduled surgery in November, so I was absent from all the practice either in the monastery or in the secular world. I was so busy about handing the job down, asking for a sick leave, completing all the work as early as I could. My body was exhausted but my mind was peaceful, and I believed this peaceful mind is an achievement of stable exercises and work, listening to the Buddha’s teaching one - minded and practice. It was also a benefit of religion practice and diligent work which made me confident to face up to the suffering of disease.

The surgery was very successful. The surgeon, who I never know before, cared for me with compassion just like I was his family member. Here I didn’t want to write in detail how he looked after me by heart. My elder sister, who was also a physician, commended that “he is truly an excellent doctor and make all the arrangements for you in advance, as you know, these are not his part”. I felt regretful for myself as I was always pround to be a lay Buddhist, and I believed I had the competency to understand others long before. In comparison to this doctor, the practice I appreciated before was not from my deep inside, was not as naturally as  the doctor's.

Although feeling sorry for myself, I still had no power to delay the fading of mindfulness after leaving hospital. I always lost thoroughly in all kinds of absurd mind, felt tired and reluctant to do daily practice. Meanwhile, my job in secular world also changed a lot, which pushed me to learn widely and deeply in many fields. All of these puzzled me deeply and I wondered how to make my schedule regularly? After listening this lecture, I made a new schedule for me. Such as, changing another way to work, persisting in daily practice, increasing time on learning knowledge. This schedule firstly confirmed the quality and quantity of my practice, because persisting in daily practice is important, and stable and constant working is crucial. The second point is to follow the classes both in the monastery and in the secular world, which would make me on the right path. The third point is to be qualified in the secular world, which could make people around me feel the character of lay Buddhist directly. All above are also kinds of benefit of encyclopedia quality.

Then it is diligence and working hard in turn. In this aspect, I hoped I could practice what I had listened, and what I had meditated thoroughly. I hoped the teaching of Buddha could instruct me and guide me in my life, and through this guidance I could live with purified mind, just like the surgeon did, following the nature itself and benefiting all beings.

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