Why does Buddhism attract me?

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The author introduced why Buddhism attracts her and the experience of her practice, finally she had strongly belief in Buddhism.
Why does Buddhism attract me? This is a question I’ve asked myself several times. And each time when I think of this question, many reasons will appear in my mind, while the final result is always the one - Buddhism is the most ultimate way I’ve found in my life, and I believe it is the way I will choose in this life definitely. 

I found I was looking for a perfect person for several decades. That can explain why I suppose good students are full of virtues; I suppose soldiers and police are nice and brave; I suppose scholars are persons with moral integrity. While none of them can be my idol since the Buddha Shakjamuni appears in my life - a real person with all kinds of virtues I can imagine. He used to have all good things that a person would like to pursue: wisdom, wealth, power, beauty, perfect family, nice kingdom, etc. While he gave them up to look for a new way to solve the most difficult problems: to end sorrow, unhappiness, suffering, illness, senility and death. And finally he found a way to solve these problems and from then on he began to help others via spreading teachings. From this way he obtained the fearless and highest happiness. Buddha understood the world as it is, not as it appears to be. I want to know everything, just like he did, so that all the puzzles will be clear off from my mind. And I will be more confident about the way I chose: whether the meaning of life is to be selfish or to help others? Because of a perfect model is there to be followed. 

In the past when I was hurt by others I hesitated if I should be a good person any longer or not. After I have a model of life I am no longer confused. I yearn for the achievement of Buddha, which called Nirvana - the cessation of all sufferings, that’s what I want indeed. Buddha also helps others to experience his realm, which makes a person’s life really meaningful. I’d like to follow such a way to realize the value of my life. 

Above is the theoretical analyze, in fact the most important element for me is the right person I’ve met - Ven. Mater Xuecheng, he found me and took me home from the ocean of crowds. During the past ten years he taught me what are Buddha and Buddhism; what to do and what not to do; how to do and how to resolve the problems. He changed my life path and made me experienced more unconditional happiness, he made my life more meaningful. I want to be as good as he is in the future.

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